LG is officially out of the smartphone business

05 April 2021
The decision was approved by LG's board of directors.

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  • Cheri
  • IJF
  • 11 Jul 2022

I went to get a new cell phone and wasn't even offered an LG, because their business is closing. I was heart broken! I've had LG phones for years and always loved them! I have to say, trying to use this new Samsung just leaves me frustrated and and always heart broken!

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    • Jimbob
    • JiP
    • 02 Jun 2021

    LG messed up bad.. they just couldnt recover after the G5

      • F
      • Foster- Ghana
      • XIa
      • 31 May 2021

      Then I'm switching to Samsung soon

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        • the konigsberger
        • vaf
        • 22 May 2021

        i have a lg flex,a lg v30+ and lately a lg velvet 5g for au $499 and the velvet has a proper stereo setup like full sound output on the earpiece speaker not like some manufacturers with half the sound output on the earpiece.

          More than 5 years android with many devices tested, only Xperia still functioning. LG none! The fact is they are not what they pretend to be. It's not a surprise!

            • M
            • Moeh
            • NsB
            • 11 Apr 2021

            Am saddened by this decision as I started with the G5 and have since fell inlove for me therevis no other better phone than LG currently using the velvet maybe I should buy myself the wing to keep it for when this one dies😒

              • D
              • Dev
              • DkA
              • 11 Apr 2021

              Shocking news. A day will come, there will be only Chinese tech. brands. All other tech. giants will perish and alongwith their innovations.LG, Nokia, Microsoft gone. HTC, Sony are on the way.

                • A
                • Ahmed222
                • PSe
                • 10 Apr 2021

                Really sad to know LG is getting out of mobile business no doubt they made terrible moves but they can recover I think, their G3 was excellent phone

                  • L
                  • LGFan
                  • jAW
                  • 10 Apr 2021

                  I have been using LG phones since the G4 and have recently picked up the G8X and really like it. I have always found LG phones to be excellent and in my opinion a better value than the comparable Samsung models. I actually far prefer the LG OS over Samsung's OS. Once my G8X is a few years old I guess I will have to see which Android phone company to support.

                  Really sorry to see LG go. Nobody will ever be able to say that LG didn't make the marketplace better for consumers and even those who never got onboard with LG phones should be able to acknowledge the innovativeness and commitment to quality the company brought to the marketplace. I am very glad that I picked up the G8X. I still have my G7 as well and a G4 so pretty glad for that.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • r3a
                    • 09 Apr 2021

                    Not good news for me and my family at because of the fact that we all use LG phones. They are very good phones indeed. It may be difficult for us to change the brand

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 2xy
                      • 07 Apr 2021

                      Although I never bought their phone, I'm surprised that they shut down the phone business so quickly.

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                        • dns4
                        • SqI
                        • 07 Apr 2021

                        Well, they ditched the headphone jack when clearly it was a desirable feature. Also they went in the notch bandwagon too when a lot of people despised it. They got what they deserve.

                          Lol, I am really motivated now to buy every single LG flagship phone I can find on Aliexpress.

                          I am going to place them all in an acrylic display case and have a plaque that says "RIP LG phones"

                            sq2013, 05 Apr 2021That literally makes no sense and is not the reason sorry. ... moreOkay perhaps I may have used the term monopoly wrong here. My point was basically what you said, "America didn't want extra competition for Apple so they decided to jump on".

                              • O
                              • Osiris
                              • JhV
                              • 07 Apr 2021

                              ASL, 06 Apr 2021LG did almost release the rollable phone too, just saying.Apples and oranges

                                WB, 05 Apr 2021FYI, LG has not gone bankrupt. They are making healthy prof... moreWell by listen I don't actually mean they listen to each and every customer's suggestion. I just meant that LG still kept the jack and other niche features despite the market ditching it. I guess it doesn't actually count as listening as this has probably long been LG's intention (to specialize in the audio department).

                                I'm sure that LG probably stinks in all areas relating to customer and aftersales service. So it's not just your specific region.

                                >the ones that are not worth it just die!

                                No, not true at all. Especially with LG. I mean c'mon, everybody knows that LG phones always deflate in price after an year or so. You can buy an LG G8 right now for a freaking $223.48 (at least according to GSMarena). Not everybody can or will buy phones straight from the carrier when it debuts.

                                  Fearghast, 05 Apr 2021I owned v30+ and I consider this phone not that good. It h... moreSorry to hear that. But to me and to many other people the V30 was one of the best phones ever made. I long ditched LG's software and flashed a custom AOSP ROM. It basically feels like you're using a Pixel.

                                  Also regarding the DAC issue, I hear that if you install "DAC fix" from the play store, then it will enable system-wide DAC.

                                    More proof that we live in the worst timeline.

                                    We get stuck with Samsung and OnePlus... NO sd card, NO headphone jack, NO ToF sensor, NO actual good sounding speakerphone (yes, the S20 and S21 were downgraded from what came before), NO powerful DAC/AM with extensive software tweaks... all on $1000+ phones, that simply claim they are flagship yet still have horrendous JPEG processing.

                                    What a joke to buy phones in America.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • at1
                                      • 07 Apr 2021

                                      Don’t know, but feel this just a tricky move from LG to bring attention lol.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • LX7
                                        • 07 Apr 2021

                                        Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021All company had defective productLG should at least had to stop selling the defective product and refund the buyers. It did not.

                                        LG is closing shop because they are incompetent and lazy, the market size is huge and they have a big name, when the chinese brands make a name for themselves globally it will be likely impossible to enter this market.