LG is officially out of the smartphone business

05 April 2021
The decision was approved by LG's board of directors.

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  • Sammy

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021Remember LG your bootlooping G4 that you refused to service... moreRemember the Note 7 that blew up?

  • FB in D

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021good decision why make products which do not bring any reve... moreKilling it in TVs? Not so sure. I've talked to several Walmart and Best Buy managers, and Samsung appears to be the leader -- followed by TCL, Philips and Vizio. Yes, I'm sure LG is doing better in TVs than in phones, but they seem to still be behind the others. Samsung is so tough!!

Kind of sad that they had to stop their. Seriously, I love lg phones. No matter how old or bad they are, they're still one of my favorites brand. Instead of completely shutdown their mobile division, they should take this chance to change their perception, system and trend style. Its not a lie that they made a really good phones, but that not just gonna made them popular. Comparing to the phone design and the price that the another company is working on these day, it's not weird that they made a decision to stop their product lines. They stand still too much on their motto, that even the other phone could compare to with a same specifications and even cheaper. I hope they'll take a break, see how the smartphone world is working these days, make a proper plan and return with a better phone. Even if it's a midrange phone is fine, as long as they have what people want and most importantly it's affordable. All I can see is they rushed to make a flagship phones without a proper future planning, then drop the price a year later after not getting a expected result. Instead of improving, they just made a same mistake and ended up give up on their phome department...

Osiris, 06 Apr 2021Lol Sony is alive and presenting new phones on 14th of Apri... moreLG did almost release the rollable phone too, just saying.

Though LG had been goong off-track off their motive for the last couple years, but I would've picked their phones anyway over some cheap and non-quality Chinese brands 'IF' they were available in most of the regions (like I said).
Well, what a way to go. Farewell nevertheless, LG.

  • Anonymous

I'm so glad that all those cheap chinese phone brands are giving us low quality devices at low prices instead of quality devices at a respectable price point.
So long old friend.

  • Dija

M a fan of LG phones... I use the lg v35 thinq but what if there is a way you can beat other Android phone's company including iOS? You can create something of the future without others knowing.

  • Replicant

Anonymous, 05 Apr 202199% of chinese brand phones are not in Sony's price ra... more99% of those Chinese phones are making low profit margins for their companies.
These companies clearly have a market understanding and are giving their users what they are asking for. Their expertise is making their products sell.
They don't overprice their products and knock themselves out of the market like Sony did.

I never owned an LG phone, but some of my friends who did made me a bit envious to say the least. LG was always innovative, one of their phones even hold a world record for using a dual core cpu 1st. Nothing left to say but farewell, maybe LG will get back into the mobile biz one day. All the fans can do is have hope.

  • Cat

I'm sorry to hear that. I loved LG phones starting with my Optimus ONE, but world is changing and chinese companies make the rules. So ... i'm going to repair my XZ1.

I'm sad

  • Lapi

Alex, 05 Apr 2021I won't miss them, I had two LG smartphones, the G7 an... moreI still have my v30, got it 2 months after the release. Everything works perfect, battery 4-5h SOT. The only problem i am haveing that the processor doesnt hold up my usage anymore, it's to slow :/ but for normal use its the beat phone, with pixel camera software it outperform p30 pro for example. For me its kind of hard to find a replacement right now :/ same price range bellow 500€

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021Remember LG your bootlooping G4 that you refused to service... moreAll company had defective product

  • Anonymous

good decision why make products which do not bring any revenue. Also, they are killin it in TV business so better focus on it.

Somehow I hoped it will not happen, but here you go. Stocks are doing ok though. I hope their other divisions will be managed better. I will miss you, LG mobile.

  • Anonymous

They got no good response from customers!

Good decision!
We lost a Gem from industry!

  • Osiris

ntraghav, 05 Apr 2021Nokia,Sony and now LG all RIP...I currently own a OnePlus 8... moreLol Sony is alive and presenting new phones on 14th of April, inform yourself

  • Anonymous

I love Lg phones so much.it hurt me when llg closes it's phone company to the whole worldwide.

  • Anonymous

Good Decision

  • sanjay joshi

this is the good decision by LG.