In memoriam: LG's great smartphone inventions

05 April 2021
The company is leaving the phone business - a business to which it had contributed so much. Here's a look back at all the innovations by LG.

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Hastalavista LG.

  • Farhad

Cotocat, 07 Apr 2021Didn't they popularize the "double tap to wake&qu... moreYes! It was interesting to update the LG L1 ll and add this feature! I could not believe it then! Update the cheapest phone and add the possibility of turning on the screen with a knok!

And knok lock! It was very good better than pattern!

  • Farhad

Oh, i remembering my my first android device LG Optimus L3, LG L5, LG L1 ll, LG L40, LG L70...What good memories it was... I was offered "LG K40" a week ago, but I did not buy it... I prefer xiaomi now!
But I remember LG as a manufacturer of indestructible and reliable phones.

Life is passing ...

LG is the best. I am sad to see them leave. Thr quad DAC and the camera were terrific. The V60 was awesome the v70 looked great as well

  • Cotocat

Didn't they popularize the "double tap to wake" feature starting with the G2?

Tarak, 05 Apr 2021One of the main reasons why I don't choose LG over Sam... moreSamsung became popular because of the advertisements they made mocking Apple back in the day. They got unbelievable exposure to their brand and products due to that.

  • Clay

Raj, 07 Apr 2021Nexus 5 and LG G2 were the best phones LG ever made. And al... moreI think it was actually the essential phone

  • Arod

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021Samsung did not hack you You installed external app downlo... moreno someone else hacked me, not samsung
he hacked me from samsung internet (why does it exist) which cannot be deleted

  • Raj

Nexus 5 and LG G2 were the best phones LG ever made. And also the first company to make notch mobile

  • Anonymous

Reza.ermantraht, 07 Apr 2021You were a good producer, but you weren't flexible eno... moreLG innovations are almost in any actual phone

  • Anonymous

Arod, 06 Apr 2021what do u mean and god help me give me DECENT EXPLANATION ... moreSamsung did not hack you
You installed external app downloaded and got virus
Knox is for saving authentication data and flash official rom.

  • Anonymous

My first LG was the G3, since then I've only used LG and have never had any problems with any of my handsets( Apart from one cracked screen).
Sad that the brand didn't get more credit .

Reza.ermantraht, 07 Apr 2021You were a good producer, but you weren't flexible eno... moreBut they provided the change market needed.

People justified removal of 3.5mm jack, they justified removal of charger, removal of SD card slots, at some point they will justify the removal of ports. LG and Sony are the companies kept providing the things yet people kept bashing them. no wonder, customers always lose, its because of them.

Rest in peace LG 😢

  • Farhan

The first phone I ever used was LG though I don't remember the model number. It was a great experience . After that I got addicted to LG phones due to their working. Then I came to LG G4: superb camera and all. Then I came to LG G-pro2. O my God. I can't forget this phone I love it. It is out of order now but I still have it.
After G pro 2 I have use many phones but could not find that what I found in g pro 2.
LG should have made publicity all over the world and should have made it sure that its phones are reaching around the globe. If LG tries again, it would be the best smart phone in every aspect I bet.

You were a good producer, but you weren't flexible enough and lacked innovation that market asked for, RIP

  • Anonymous

My first smartphone is LG Optimus Net which I bought at $185 in 2011. The moment I knew and learned about Quad DAC, I immediately bought an LG V20 which was my second LG phone. I really admired the LG V20 because of its innovative functionalities and capabilities. After I sold it, I bought an LG V30+ which is my current smartphone. I will continue to use my V30+ until its dying day. LG cared more on innovation and hardware and less on marketing and sales tactics (which hurt their international appeal on the market), and finding simple solutions regarding software updates, customer support, and some common issues like bootloop and screen ghosting (lcd) and screen burn-in (oled).


  • Anonymous

My 2nd Android phone was LG G2 back in 2013. Loved that one.
First one was HTC Desire V.

  • Vidwan

ONJ, 06 Apr 2021IS LG mobile dead?Yes it did

  • Dennis

They should have fired the marketing and advertising people in the first place... Long ago! They dont know how to market, push the product to the wrong market...
Advertised it for the wrong people...