vivo X70 Pro+ to bring upgraded camera and battery

06 April 2021
Chipset might remain Snapdragon 888, just like the X60 Pro+.

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  • Anonymous

How come we don't have this in the Philippines? Is there a site where I can order? Thank you for an answer.

  • Wi2t2n

I hope it has also a bigger selfie and main camera, stereo speaker, and water resistant.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Apr 2021I want 6000mah above vivo nowadays mid range gets 6000 to 7000 mh battery but flagship gets small batteries. Need 6000 mah to 8000 mah battery in top end phone.

  • Anonymous

heyhoo, 08 Apr 2021Vivo works on x70 pro+ although x60 pro+ hasn't turned... moreI want 6000mah above vivo

AnonD-986036, 06 Apr 2021Even huawei and apple? Which have legendary batttery lifes ... moreHuawei and apples have great battery life? You never used Redmi phone?. They beat anything when it comes to battery endurance. resin many don't buy vivo oppos because they have proven bad battery

  • heyhoo

Vivo works on x70 pro+ although x60 pro+ hasn't turned up to Europe yet...shame and disgrace

  • nick

1/1.28'' in the gimbal? else, not much diff form the others

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021And a x270 plus plus max 5g gold ultra in novemberLol so true

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021Lmao 2020 had so many renos Jesus, I've bought the X60... more6/10 this will be the case

  • milan karki

I have vivo y20 s not good very much hot calling time

  • Anonymous

Certified Gamer, 06 Apr 2021Ah yes typical BBK here pumping out phones faster than I ca... moreAnd a x270 plus plus max 5g gold ultra in november

  • Jazzy

V series of vivo is the best


will it be released this year ??? or any possible release dates

  • Mibrar

Vivo mobile not a good because vivo not supported memory card I have a vivo y12s but not support memory card new mobile 20days used but not good only betrry good

Better add snapdragon 888+ and drop the price to 550 USD.

  • Moose

Also work on stereo speakers too

  • Goga

Ip68 rated would be the first improvement they should make

  • Anonymous

xiaomi and bbk

please stop pumping out phones every single second

  • Joonie

Again Its fantastic but if they do not add 1080p and 4K 60 fps on the front camera Im still not buyin it... and I dont give a damn about the 888 all I need is tge 60fps on front facing camera at 1080 and 4k

  • Cr

Would consider if had wireless charging