Sony unleashes two teaser videos for the upcoming Xperia Mark III launch

07 April 2021
The company leverages its expertise in building hardware for the entertainment industry - movies, music and gaming - to promote its phones.

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Now thats a high quality ad!

  • Anonymous

Phone of second video is blue 5ii.
Not 1iii.

  • Anonymous

anotherphone, 07 Apr 2021According to the leaks this phone will have it all. But it ... moreAverage selling price in 2020 was almost $1100.

Sony is selling more 1ii than 5ii and 10ii.
Exactly what they want.

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021Yeah sure "launch" By the time this phone is w... moreExactly!! Announcing in Apr, only release the phone end of the year. Sony's shit marketing, as usual.

According to the leaks this phone will have it all. But it will also have a high price...

  • Anonymous

Yeah sure "launch"

By the time this phone is widely availabe to buy, they might have already teased the 1 Mk. 4 already.

  • Anonymous

I'm excited....

  • Anonymous

Sony next to go after LG ? not many buy sony today.. they are so behind xiaomi and samsung....

  • Anonymous

oh boy this comment section is gonna go crazy because it's sony.

oh wow.
probably 200 comments on an article, more comments than a flagship review.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021Who cares for Sony outdated phones Apparently, by commenting here, you do too.

  • Woohoo

Now only if I could get the 5II at a decent price in IndiašŸ˜„
10 III should also be a good mid-ranger though.

  • Anonymous

Who cares for Sony outdated phones