Sony unleashes two teaser videos for the upcoming Xperia Mark III launch

07 April 2021
The company leverages its expertise in building hardware for the entertainment industry - movies, music and gaming - to promote its phones.

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Does anyone have a copy of the Sony product announcement teaser videos- the've been marked private and are no longer visible.

Nick Tegrataker, 15 Apr 2021Yeah, that's why I said Sony deserves "partial cr... moreIf you're giving partial credit, then I can respect that. It just seems like people here fully credit them for the camera.

Also, thanks for the article

SuuperBaka, 12 Apr 2021I do admit that you have a point with the FL periscope, but... moreYeah, that's why I said Sony deserves "partial credit" for making such sensors upon Huawei's request. Obviously it isn't fair to give all the credit to Huawei for the practical implementation of QB/RYYB sensors.

As for Vivo, you might want to go check out this news article.

aknsreddy, 10 Apr 2021Sony TV busines is in slump, mobile business doesn't e... moreThere is a simple solution to this, don't buy it.
On the other hand professionals prefer Sony.., because Sony means business..
So yeah don't buy it. But we both know you won't. You're just here to troll aren't you?

Nick Tegrataker, 09 Apr 2021(Continued) "all count as innovations since they are ... more"Nah, Dual Pixel AF and a fingerprint scanner were not really a new concept at all. As I already said they were new in the smartphones when they were first implemented on them, but in other industries they had existed for quite some time before."

When I said new concepts, I meant as in a new concept in the industry. I know all of these existed before they were in smartphones.

"RYYB sensors had never existed in commercially available products before P30 series came out and QB sensors were first used on a smartphone in P20 Pro. The initial implementations of those technologies were fairly all right as well, and they did show their advantages over the existing approaches in areas where the company claimed them to be better at."

I understand that Huawei showcased these sensors, but you still can't fully credit them as the ones who brought it in. Even if they were the first phone with that sensor.

"Now, Sony deserves a partial credit for producing those sensors in the first place (though much less so for RYYB - all they did was to use a yellow dye instead of a green one, other than that there was nothing new about IMX600y)"

This is my point, Sony deserves partial credit along with Huawei and the others, but to give full credit to the other companies is not fair.

"but the reasons why those new technologies ended up being relatively successful was that Huawei poured their R&D into image processing tuning so that the cameras can take decent looking photos with those new, unorthodox sensors."

I understand that Huawei poured their R&D into image processing tuning, but that doesn't mean they deserve full credit. Without the sensor itself, the tuning would be pointless.

"Smartphone cameras are not about just buying the sensor from Sony/Samsung/OV, there's actually a lot more to it. This is also why many technological innovations that happen in smartphone industry is related to them."

I know that there is more than just buying the sensor from Sony, but if I recall correctly Sony makes custom-made sensors, which then helps the companies tune it to their liking. They do come out with revolutionary flagships, but again the credit doesn't fully go towards them. That is the problem I have here, they fully credit the companies for the camera, without giving partial credit to Sony or the other manufacturers. Sony prefers to have minimal processing on their photos and use sensors built for speed. I do wish they try to have a phone line with a QB sensor and actual processing, but they've secluded themselves to a niche market.

Sweet, greatly appreciated! Have a good day super baka-san :)

Thanks, you have a good day as well. :)

Nick Tegrataker, 09 Apr 2021"So what technology did these Chinese companies adopt ... moreI do admit that you have a point with the FL periscope, but the periscope zoom phone would've been ASUS I believe. The Quad Bayer was made by Sony, so it isn't fair to full credit Huawei for it, the pop up/flip camera is something unique in the industry, but I feel like that's more prone to breaking than a normal selfie camera. The Kirin things you mentioned I can agree with you, but for Vivo I still can't find where you got that from? I can't seem to find anything related to that, do you mind telling me when they introduced it?

  • Jay

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2021No. it's a king of failuresSony the sleeping beast is awakening!

  • Anonymous

Alpha, 11 Apr 2021Sony is King of Technology..No. it's a king of failures

  • Anonymous

786, 11 Apr 2021237 posts... Sony generates a lot off post like no other... morebut no one buys it

  • 786

I have the Sony XH9505 85inch TV, paid £2500

Experia 5ii

Sony A7

  • 786

237 posts...

Sony generates a lot off post like no others.

Hope it has

12gb Ram
Ceramic back
Sapphire glass front
Sony imx800

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aknsreddy, 10 Apr 2021Sony TV busines is in slump, mobile business doesn't e... moreSony is King of Technology..

  • Hmmm

aknsreddy, 10 Apr 2021Sony TV busines is in slump, mobile business doesn't e... moreSony tv's are amazing. I have A8 and its great

Denis Thomas, 10 Apr 2021Look at where they are now.. they are slaying in gaming, tv... moreSony TV busines is in slump, mobile business doesn't exist, Cameras doing good but not great. PS4 yes. Sony business is like their camera menu system, full of confusion towards lame. Only good they have done to them selves is dumping more than enough cameras with half baked updates.

aknsreddy, 09 Apr 2021Well stone brains don't understand people who actually... moreLook at where they are now.. they are slaying in gaming, tv, audio and camera business.
I mean they are so bad everyone has a PS4.

Just stop already

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021Lets see what will sony bring. But i know they will fail a... moreThey always improve a little bit because there a room for impovement.

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021Sony greatest novelty is in the malfunction Department. Onc... moreI have used Xperia phones since 2015, as my best friend.
He now has a samsung s7 which he only complains about.
Misses everything about his previous Xperia M4.

I have an XZ Premium since 2017, and it's still working flawlessly and very fast without lag.
I buy Xperia phones because I want a phone I can have for years, and it will still be running smoothly.

So no. Your argument is invalid. Xperia phones are so well made, they will last for a decade give or take with a bit of basic care.

Supreme tech!

Sony ironically enough needs to improve their cameras. Otherwise they're quite okay.

  • Octavia

Better to have 5mAh+ battery, as it wouldn't be really great idea to sell for full price and with other excellent components. It's kind of shameful, that they don't dominate Japan, like Apple, but at least they're not Chinese and still globally sold (unlike most Jp products).
Phone business is cut throat matter, I wish it wasn't.