Sony unleashes two teaser videos for the upcoming Xperia Mark III launch

07 April 2021
The company leverages its expertise in building hardware for the entertainment industry - movies, music and gaming - to promote its phones.

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aknsreddy, 09 Apr 2021Well stone brains don't understand people who actually... moreLook at where they are now.. they are slaying in gaming, tv, audio and camera business.
I mean they are so bad everyone has a PS4.

Just stop already

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021Lets see what will sony bring. But i know they will fail a... moreThey always improve a little bit because there a room for impovement.

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021Sony greatest novelty is in the malfunction Department. Onc... moreI have used Xperia phones since 2015, as my best friend.
He now has a samsung s7 which he only complains about.
Misses everything about his previous Xperia M4.

I have an XZ Premium since 2017, and it's still working flawlessly and very fast without lag.
I buy Xperia phones because I want a phone I can have for years, and it will still be running smoothly.

So no. Your argument is invalid. Xperia phones are so well made, they will last for a decade give or take with a bit of basic care.

Supreme tech!

Sony ironically enough needs to improve their cameras. Otherwise they're quite okay.

  • Octavia

Better to have 5mAh+ battery, as it wouldn't be really great idea to sell for full price and with other excellent components. It's kind of shameful, that they don't dominate Japan, like Apple, but at least they're not Chinese and still globally sold (unlike most Jp products).
Phone business is cut throat matter, I wish it wasn't.

  • ME

Video 2 is from the Xperia 5ll

Ybk, 09 Apr 2021Come out of stone age era. Sony has the best battery since ... moreWell stone brains don't understand people who actually used Sony phones. Sony is a disaster in everything, look at where they r now

  • Anonymous

Daimon, 08 Apr 2021Please don't shutdown your phone business sony. I kno... moreha ha... thought i was the only one enjoying it...
i actually visit gsmarena mainly for this...
this is quite better than arguments over politics, celebrities and whatever put into arguments - like the egg and chicken
grab a popcorn now...

SuuperBaka, 08 Apr 2021Nice way of twisting my words. "Adopting technologie... more(Continued)
"all count as innovations since they are new concepts"
Nah, Dual Pixel AF and a fingerprint scanner were not really a new concept at all. As I already said they were new in the smartphones when they were first implemented on them, but in other industries they had existed for quite some time before.

"if there's going to be credit for innovation on that then it goes to the one who made the camera"
RYYB sensors had never existed in commercially available products before P30 series came out and QB sensors were first used on a smartphone in P20 Pro. The initial implementations of those technologies were fairly all right as well, and they did show their advantages over the existing approaches in areas where the company claimed them to be better at.

Now, Sony deserves a partial credit for producing those sensors in the first place (though much less so for RYYB - all they did was to use a yellow dye instead of a green one, other than that there was nothing new about IMX600y), but the reasons why those new technologies ended up being relatively successful was that Huawei poured their R&D into image processing tuning so that the cameras can take decent looking photos with those new, unorthodox sensors. Smartphone cameras are not about just buying the sensor from Sony/Samsung/OV, there's actually a lot more to it. This is also why many technological innovations that happen in smartphone industry is related to them.

"btw my username is referencing you"
Sweet, greatly appreciated! Have a good day super baka-san :)

SuuperBaka, 08 Apr 2021Nice way of twisting my words. "Adopting technologie... more"So what technology did these Chinese companies adopt that hasn't been used in the industry before?"

A fixed FL 5x/10x periscope lens, a pop up/flip camera, a Quad Bayer sensor, liquid lens, free form lens, as well as the ones that you mentioned such as a gimbal stabilisation, in-display optical FPS and (although it's still at its infancy) in-display FFC. Kirin 970 was the first smartphone SoC with built-in NPU, and 990 was the first one to support the state of the art RAW level BM3D NR for image denoising. Oh, and Vivo will be the first company to bring a sensor with one of three Kodak RGBW CFA patterns in the smartphone industry. Enough?


digividPro, 08 Apr 2021After reading most of the comments here, sounds like most o... moreI agree with you bud. Up here in Canada we haven't had Sony available for my last 3 phone upgrades and since the newer Samsung's are 'meh' to me I think I need to start a go-fund-me to get the mark III. I miss my old Sony phones as they were perfect back then and I know they've only gotten better over time.
Regardless of what these chinese brand loyalists think or say.

  • Osiris

[deleted post]Nope, you mean LG rip

Diamon, 08 Apr 2021Sony phone always be the same boring nothing hypes abouts i... moreLmao you must be one of the people who complain why the Xperia Pro is expensive

  • Ybk

aknsreddy, 08 Apr 2021Sony Pricing and battery will never work.Come out of stone age era. Sony has the best battery since they came up from Z series.
You are just unaware about modern technology

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021That is very aggressive and seems defensive rather than mak... moreWell done

[deleted post]Wait and see

Nick Tegrataker, 08 Apr 2021Adopting technologies that have never been used in the indu... moreNice way of twisting my words.
"Adopting technologies that have never been used in the industry before"

So what technology did these Chinese companies adopt that hasn't been used in the industry before?

"or combining the existing technologies to create new concepts AND successfully executing them"
Here I can agree, but other than the in-display fingerprint scanner which has it's own problems and in-display camera, there isn't much that has already been done.

According to my logic, innovations are something new or unique which all of your examples from Dual Pixel AF on a phone to fingerprint scanners all count as innovations since they are new concepts. Vivo is a company that I can say has innovation with their gimbal camera and in-display fingerprint scanner, but not so much for the rest of the companies. They aren't "pioneers of innovation" like the other comments seem to suggest. Huawei has custom-made camera hardware, if there's going to be credit for innovation on that then it goes to the one who made the camera, not the one buying it.

Next time when you comment, maybe stop being a clown, and btw my username is referencing you since you seem to project yourself on to others.

  • Anonymous

VectorR, 08 Apr 2021Bullsh*t and propaganda! Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo means innovat... moreThat is very aggressive and seems defensive rather than making a point. Making a point looks like this:

Huawei is out of the game (No Google Services and older processors), Xiaomi is no longer cheap- the Mi 11 Pro costs $1099.99 (Though there are 4 different versions Mi 11, Mi 11i, Mi 11 Pro and now the Mi 11 Ultra is announced, which is confusing as to which one is the flagship?). Similarly Oppo Find X2, X2 Pro, X2 Neo and X2 Lite- followed by the new X3 generation, though there isn't a regular X3 at the moment.

A general thing about chinese phones- 1) The UI is pretty poor, 2) Sanctions (Risk losing support), 3) Poor Build Quality- the highly innovative Oppo Find X3 Pro uses Gorilla Glass 5 from 2 years ago, and older usb 2.0 is used on the Mi 11 Pro (current one is 3.1) 4) Poor Design- have you seen how these look, like really? 5) No Expandable Storage or headphone jack in flagships and no more 'flagship killers'.

If Sony is so bad and not innovative- here are a list of features that Chinese phones ship with when they send out the phone but magically dissapear by the time they get to you:
4K HDR video at 60fps, yes HDR at 60fps not 30fps (even Samsung can't do it in S21 Ultra)
4K HDR 120fps Slow Motion
Headphone Jack/ Expandable Storage
Super Color Accurate Displays when watching content
Not having super baked in beauty modes or over-saturated image processing.
No screen Tinting
Very wide phones 16:9, though they magically become 20:9 almost as thin as 21:9 which is scoffed at.
No notches/ cut-out
Upscaling tech for audio and video to super-resolution and make poor music closer to lossless.
Front facing stereo speakers
Easy to remove sim-tray (without a specialised sim tool)
Thinness, Mi 11 Pro is 8.5mm thick, compared to Xperia 1 II at 7.6mm.
Light weight, Oppo Find X3 Pro is 193g and Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is 208g with Xperia 1 II at 181.4g
Manual Control in Photography & Cinematography
20 fps burst photography (fast burst & af speeds)
Physical shutter key/ button
Motion-blur reduction
360 Reality Audio & free quality headphones at pre-order given the price

Sony Pricing and battery will never work.