Sony unleashes two teaser videos for the upcoming Xperia Mark III launch

07 April 2021
The company leverages its expertise in building hardware for the entertainment industry - movies, music and gaming - to promote its phones.

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  • Anonymous

Denis Thomas, 08 Apr 2021You must be very young aren't you? Sony Mobile innov... moreSony greatest novelty is in the malfunction Department. Once you bought it, it will astound you.

  • Anonymous

digividPro, 08 Apr 2021After reading most of the comments here, sounds like most o... moreI have bought a sony phone once (Xz2 compact). never again. It was the worst Purchased i have made in my life. A lot of money for no value. There was no one to talk to at sony or my local soplier. Any celphone buyer will be beter with anything els.

After reading most of the comments here, sounds like most of here are either very young crowd who has never used a Sony Phone, do not understand quality technology or who are simply bashing because they are defending their own choice of products they bought. To begin with for beginners, following is not to bash any brand but highlight the difference based on preference:
- Sony has a very niche Market and that small audience is extremely and highly focused on Simplicity, Quality, Ease of use and Reliability of product.
- I have owned and used Samsung Sony as well Apple. So i knw the difference in products very well. None of them is bad and have their own strengths. But Huawei, ViVo, Oppo Rest. They might be selling more for less, but none of them are even close to Value or Quality.
- Yes, Sony does not sells lot of phones as they really fell behind in marketing gimicks and instead focused more in pioneering and innovating new technologies. I dont need to mention technologies, as everyone knows how good they are when it comes pro world.
- Sony Phones are based on 3 simple things i.e. Quality, Data Security/Stability and Simplicity of Experience. They do not add anything which is fancy, data hogging and Show Off. Anyone who has used Sony and other products side by side would know this. Others are just ones who want to bash.
- Sony is Simple Quality. Period! Phones are like a tank. Buy it.. 2-3 years later.. its still runs with same great performance and battery endurance it had on day 1. They don't steal your data, they dont add any apps you dont need, they dont have super heavy custom UI. Its Simple Good Quality Phone with Loaded Display and Audio Experience!

Lastly I only wanna say this, you dont like Sony or other brands, thats your personal choice, but please dont spread rumors based on Chinese whispers. Check the product out in person and then decide.

I Live in States and Sony does not even Market in States. And Every Single person who saw and used my xperia for few mins, only had praises for it how gorgeous this Slim, Light Weight and Simple and Easy to use phone is and that they were not aware Sony is still being Sold in States.

  • 6oez

Another remote controll phone

  • 6..oez

Wow great sony fight again

Please don't shutdown your phone business sony.
I know your phone business always fail every year. And i also know you will repeat the same failure again.
Because i still enjoy seeing the sonywar in gsma.

  • Diamon

Sony phone always be the same boring nothing hypes abouts it, the fake youtuber who got fake hype every year (basically for viewers $$$) & always fake customers who said they're gonna buy it, save them from existence.

SuuperBaka, 08 Apr 2021Bullsh*t and propaganda? Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo means innovat... moreAdopting technologies that have never been used in the industry before or combining the existing technologies to create new concepts AND successfully executing them (i.e. implement them in a form that consumers can appreciate) do indeed count as an innovation.

By your logic Dual Pixel AF sensor on Galaxy S7 wasn't innovative because Canon's certain DSLRs already had it back in 2013. Xperia Play's stereo speakers were nothing new as well since there had been already big speaker systems that are capable of outputting sound in stereo for decades (and speaker components inside the phone weren't made by Sony themselves), and a fingerprint scanner on iPhone 5S wasn't worth talking about either as a countless number of office/government buildings had one back when the phone was released!

Your definition of innovation is ridiculous.. the username definitely checks out.

VectorR, 08 Apr 2021You're unlucky bugger or just lie yourself. I compared... moreNo difference at all? Lol, what a troll. Even my dad can easily listen the difference between wired and wireless Bluetooth sound on his Samsung phone, and he's not even an audio guy.

  • MrDong

VectorR, 08 Apr 2021Bullsh*t and propaganda! Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo means innovat... moreSeriously? 😅

Yes I agree with you for Huawei and Oppo. But definitely not Xiaomi.

Xiaomi offers cheap phones with great specs, until you realize their phones fall apart quickly. Already the midrange and lower end Poco and Redmi suffers from build quality fails. People who bought the Poco X3 for gaming got cheated with the fact the X3 Pro got released soon later and priced similarly. Their UI is horrendous. As cheap as it gets there are scalpers who buy these phones and resell at a higher price.

Overrated brand. Their fan base are also some of the most overambitious and likes to insult other brands especially Realme and Samsung. Apple has even been a victim.

VectorR, 08 Apr 2021Bullsh*t and propaganda! Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo means innovat... moreYou must be very young aren't you?
Sony Mobile innovates every few years. I can name a few 1st world things Sony, but that won't count will it?
You are just a troll without any logical statement to back up your theories.
If Sony is so bad, then please, move out. I would escort you to the door, but we both know Sony is not that bad.
I mean you guys are all here. Think about it!
If it was an energizer phone new, you wouldn't bother because they're a no go. But Sony.. Man Sony is getting so much attention for a no go behind the competition company doesn't it??

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021fun fact about sony phones on this site when article abo... moreI know right??
This is the same situation, it's happening since years ago. The same old boring repetitive "sony is dying" people.
I mean if Sony smartphones are such low tech, why bother then?
Or Sony Mobile is a technology giant, and trolls always try to bash' em?

Tann Hauser, 08 Apr 2021Realllhy? How did you compare to those cheaper wired ones,... moreYou caught him red-handed

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021But in reality.. almost no one buys xperia anymoreI do, I would get this phone when it comes out.

VectorR, 08 Apr 2021You're unlucky bugger or just lie yourself. I compared... moreJust because your ears don't work properly, doesn't mean wired headphones have no difference.

VectorR, 08 Apr 2021Bullsh*t and propaganda! Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo means innovat... moreBullsh*t and propaganda? Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo means innovation and quality for quite a while?

What innovation are you talking about? All of their tech belongs to others, the camera made by Sony for them to actually have a decent camera. Copy and Paste mass producing isn't called innovation

VectorR, 08 Apr 2021You're unlucky bugger or just lie yourself. I compared... moreRealllhy?
How did you compare to those cheaper wired ones, if you own a phone without a jack?

  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 08 Apr 2021I own both, most expensive wireless buds costing 200 eur an... moreWell, about wireless freedom ... Bro, I am 185 cm tall, every time I use wired headphones and then put phone into pocket headphones fall off. If I plug headphones to the computer, they are to short again. So, why not headphones with longer cable? Well, when I go for a run and put the phone into armband, this extra cable is really annoying. So, why then I do not use both, depends on the situation? Because I do not want 5 different headphones for every different situation. I changed 50 eu wired headphones for 55 eu wireless headphones (JBL), there are perfect for every situation, there is no difference at sound quality and mic delay is very short.
About charging, mostly people charge their phones and tablets every night, smart watches once per week, laptops 2x per day ... why is charging headphones such a big deal? You can even get a headphones with case or stand where headphones automatically recharge.

  • Gru

VectorR, 08 Apr 2021That's b***s**t, man. It's just means that you ne... moreB***hit is next generations...skipping hi-end tech for low quality tech and shovelled-down the throat to suffocate users.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021fun fact about sony phones on this site when article abo... moreI know I do :)