Nokia Lite Earbuds have 36-hour battery life, HMD announces 5G MVNO for the UK

08 April 2021
The MVNO will use the network of the UK's leading 5G carrier. HMD plans to expand this service globally.

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  • Anonymous

The HMD MVNO is offering unlimited calls to EU mobiles and landlines, when in the UK and roaming in the EU. This is a unique selling proposition, and no other UK network or MVNO currently offers this.

  • MattyL

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2021Not before brexit...Depends where you go, Tesco Mobile do Home from Home which they've said won't change with Brexit

  • Anonymous

Gareth, 09 Apr 2021The UK MVNO includes unlimited EU calls, which is unusual a... moreNot before brexit...

  • Gareth

The UK MVNO includes unlimited EU calls, which is unusual and will find a market.

  • Terry Frane

Who is the target market for this product, people with bad hair day ?

  • sq2013

3 Is A Magic Number, 08 Apr 2021Article's quote, "It is an MVNO, a “mobile virtua... moreIt's a huge market to be honest. Over 60 million people. It depends on what they offer price wise. A lot of them are not working out at the moment. I work for a UK carrier and that amount of people leaving the likes of Giffgaff and smarty because of the poor to nonexistent customer service is unreal.

  • LamiaLove

3 Is A Magic Number, 08 Apr 2021Article's quote, "It is an MVNO, a “mobile virtua... moreThey make their own phones though. They might come up with all sorts of discounts that others might not match.
I don’t know, man... It kinda sounds interesting.

  • Anonymous

Ugly design, like Airpods.

36 hours together with the case, otherwise only 6 hours, in other words - nothing special and nowhere near the Galaxy Buds Live with 11 hours!


  • 3 Is A Magic Number

Article's quote, "It is an MVNO, a “mobile virtual network operator”, meaning that your phone will actually connect to cells of another carrier. In this case, the service launches in the UK in a partnership with Britain’s leading 5G carrier (presumably, this means EE)."

Whilst the leading cellular carrier in the UK is EE, the leading carrier of 5G by spectrum is actually not EE, but rather 3.

CNBC reports that HMD will have bundles starting from £6.50 ($9) per month, and it is unlikely it will launch with 5G right off the bat.

IMHO, the UK MVNO is a crowded arena, and with profit margins thinning over the past decade, HMD is unlikely to make this venture profitable. A bad move that shall result in HMD pulling out in a couple of years.