Lenovo’s Legion Phone Duel 2 brings double charge ports, two fans and flagship specs

08 April 2021
Coming in China later this month and select European markets in May.

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ZolaIII, 09 Apr 2021SD standard reached version 8 up to 4 GB per second, PCIe 4... moreYet no manufacturer has adopted this feature, or has given MicroSD Express Slot in any of the devices. No one. Though the technology is around here for almost 3 years.

  • gringo

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2021That's one ugly looking phoneindeed

  • Anonymous

That's one ugly looking phone

  • Anonymous

i0S.-.Never.-.Again, 09 Apr 2021ROG 3 is a good alternative. .. Plz no iPhone for gaming, s... moreI'm not saying that Apple should making a gaming phone. What I'm saying is, the price of Lenovo Legion 2 phone are expensive and "fragile". It's not worth my time and money. I rather use the same amount of money buying iPhone phones. You're missing out my contexts 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Andri

Build quality 😑plastic frame..

  • Wayne Morellini

Certified Gamer, 09 Apr 2021And such a shame that it has 2 charger ports but no 3.5mm jackPrivate expected to buy USB headphones eventually.

Everything is about spyware. By directing things through another bid, it becomes easier to spy. A dedicated port and bus structure us more secure, with no need for extra provolone stacks and caching etc. With USB it has to handle it if things and require extra layers of software.

Unfortunately USB was made well, otherwise there would be direct drive lines, where when you have access, everything else can't access it automatically, being physically blocked. This is a security feature of mine. The specificarion could have had extra lines, and even now there is room to fit through or to the dudes of the central connector and the port shield. The convenient way solution fur the future is to put an optical line right through the shield. You can actually out a number of lines this way as an external supplementary standard to USB. An on device hub can keep the optical lines separate on phone, and the external cable feed them to hubs. Say up to 8+ lines. A headphone becomes one optical line plus power. A pure direct digital feed means the headphones quality is the factor limiting sound quality.

However, and this is where you get sound quality issues, is a standard to put audio over the power line, compatible ports, with digital and or analogue mode, as the headphones only use power for sound, and a digital form could increase the power when delivering the digital signal. But, if this is already what they are trying, why complain? I've said we need at least two USB ports, as even without head phone use, I get usage problems without a second port. So, 2-4 ports, or my extended usbc bus with 2-10 ports or do, for laptop GPU/other pcie cards.

What we buy now is reduced down consumer rubbish. People can link, recharge and use head phones on one USB port, do why give more, you can recharge wirelessly, why give a USB port. You can funnel everything through cloud cloud storage at great extra profit from the consumer, so why bother about a micro SD card. We see phones getting whittled away. Few models have direct connected keyboard these days, so everything is forced through a keyboard app a hundred times to big. In business, security and design, these are massive issues which now see ignored. If you ever come across an active intelligence officer offer them you phone to contact the agency about work fur the day, tell him he can delete just the messages and call log of their calls afterwards, and see the reaction. No intelligence officer should be that dumb, as they wouldn't be able to remove those logs enough to ensure security, and as they do it other agencies in other countries can be ready to instantly record what's happening. I've had myself, and other people, even though the phone is not supposed to be relaying anything, it sends what you are saying and sends back relative ads, even sitting doing nothing. It has to be more secure, we need to move back to seperated direct interface lines.

i0S.-.Never.-.Again, 09 Apr 2021Hahaha... I didn't see the video, but I saw the images... moreAnd such a shame that it has 2 charger ports but no 3.5mm jack

  • Anonymous

And....it snaps in half.. Shucks.. And they still complained of Nokia high price.. Try bending a Nokia then.. LOL

  • Anonymous

Two charging ports. Suck it, pseudo environmentalists.

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Anonymous, 09 Apr 2021If you use active dongle, there are no compatibility issues... moreThat does not fix the problem of not needing a dongle for a 3.5mm jack.

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2021If you use active dongle, there are no compatibility issues... moreExcept that there are other things than audio which the Jack is used for which a dongle active or not isn't necessarily compatible with.
It is still not an excuse, people shouldn't have to buy stuff to compensate for something that should be here.

  • Anonymous

I will not buy a phone with less than 10 fans! :)

  • Anonymous

Well, after Rog 5 and Legion 2 braking test, ... Xperia 1 III it is.

Certified Gamer, 08 Apr 2021It snapped like a Goddamn triscuitHahaha... I didn't see the video, but I saw the images on the article and I thought this should snap into half easily because of the design.

Lesson for manufacturers: Twin batteries shouldn't be separated from each other inside a phone.

Woohoo, 08 Apr 2021AFAIK Sony was the first to introduce this feature called H... moreNot a good job... Oppo Fast charging can keep phone cool even when charging and gaming, no trickle charge concept during gaming or using the phone while charging.
The Chinese manufacturers offered something even more premium and polished solution

Mihail White, 08 Apr 2021Yeah, this design is very unusual. I wande why companies do... moreIt's clear that none of these phones... The ROG 5 or Legion Duel 2 will break in your pocket.
They will if you try to do it deliberately with both hands.

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021ROG 5 snap into 2 part and this Lenovo legion 2 even worst ... moreROG 3 is a good alternative. .. Plz no iPhone for gaming, something which starts overheating after 5 minutes of gameplay isn't ideal for gaming... And that pathetic 60hz... Ewww!!!

chester, 08 Apr 2021Jerry is bad...His name isn’t Jerry btw

chester, 08 Apr 2021Jerry is bad...Lol, what do you mean Jerry is bad? He did a real teardown of phones? Did you ever see Mrwhosetheboss did that for his rugged phone video? Not a chance. When he sprayed water at the back of the phone with the case attached, I immediately knew that I couldn't fully trust him.

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Demongornot, 08 Apr 2021Many already have 3.5mm wired audio equipment and I never s... moreIf you use active dongle, there are no compatibility issues. Normally i would never buy a phone without the 3.5mm jack due to inability to listen and charge,and the possibility of wearing out usb port too fast, but second usb port fixes all that.