Lenovo Legion Duel 2 snaps in three parts in bend test

08 April 2021
Gaming phones just aren't built to last.

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Vegetaholic, 10 Apr 2021Lol, same performance level for hours? :DD what you going t... moreYou can play switch, playstation etc games on your phone as

But your reply is expected I've seen your logic before

People said developing smartphone photography was not a dslr too back in the day, they said the same thing about smartphone screens

But you have not really given me any real counter argument

MrDong, 10 Apr 2021The Xperia doesn’t solve anything but gaming phones surely ... moreYou say I don't know what I'm talking about but you still have not given me a counter argument

For what the effects of heavy competition will do to the maturation timer of bleeding edge technology that gaming phones are using long term

All you did was give me short term responses / points

  • MrDong

Hemedans, 10 Apr 2021Really? Can $200 phone emulate nintendo switch? Wii or Play... moreA phone should not be emulated for gaming as they are not properly optimised (CPU bound as emulated games don’t support GPU APIs). Same actually goes for Genshin Impact. This single game gets so overhyped as a benchmarking tool until some people realized the optimisation is bad. Some people decided to install Unity game shaders or game drivers just to run this game smoothly. I believe even toaster Samsung S21 Exynos can run at high 60fps should the correct GPU drivers be supported in this game.

Point is, yes a cheap phone won’t run games properly but what’s the point of a $1000 gaming phone.

to those blasting gaming phones being just gimmicks, perhaps you have not handled one before. i have had the first ever gaming phone- the razer phone 1, and since then i have been comparing the performance of gaming phones to regular smartphones. you can't set your graphics to the max levels with a $200 smartphone, and it is not simply a limitation by the game developer but the sheer power of the soc and graphics chip. i have posted before that i do not consider myself as a gamer because i only play games on my smartphones; i do not have a gaming console nor a gaming pc. see, mobile games are not that much different from those in consoles or pcs; the only advantage of consoles and pcs is that these are stationary and are connected to the power source all the time, and they have way better thermals, that's why they can run resource hogging games. these gaming phones are trying to achieve the same, and i think in the near future they will close the gap in performance. going back to a $200 smartphone compared to a gaming phone, with all the bells and whistles on gaming phones you definitely have an edge with it. not even iphones and ipads can compare; i have compared last year my red magic 5s to my wife's iphone 12 pro max and my ipad pro with an a12z, and i am always finding that my red magic 5s is able to sustain longer performance on max levels, not to mention the advantage of the shoulder buttons and the higher touch polling rate. i go through alot of phones in a year and i mostly indulge myself on gaming and flagship phones (and still i do not consider myself a gamer), and it's easy to say that gaming centric phones have the advantage in this regard. i'm not asking you to take my word for it; just watch the reviews from reputable smartphone and mobile gaming reviewers.

Vegetaholic, 10 Apr 2021Lol, same performance level for hours? :DD what you going t... moreReally? Can $200 phone emulate nintendo switch? Wii or Play without stutter game like genshini impact? Even sd 888 struggle in a lot of games so you want to tell me there is $200 phone which can play all of them?

  • AbuBakrAlPukistiny

XCIV, 10 Apr 2021What kind of psychopath keeps his/her phone in their back p... moreI do. My pants don't have front pockets, only back pockets.

  • Andrew Strauss

Guys do both gaming phones (lenovo legion duel 2 and black shark 4) have the same screen response time? Because both of them have the same touch sampling rate 720hz but, what i saw that they're saying is lenovo legion duel 2 it's response time is 3.8 ms and the black shark 4 response time is 8.3 ms, I'm just confused please reply

What kind of psychopath keeps his/her phone in their back pocket? 🤔

Hemedans, 09 Apr 2021no they dont, show me even one flagship phone which can sus... moreLol, same performance level for hours? :DD what you going to do with your "gamining" phone mine bircoin? You people need to get a life. Any phone for 200 euros can run any games you need on a phome with little to know differemce in performance, it is not a consoles or PC where you have complex games, on phones you have crosswords or candy crush, you no need power to run them genus :D

IpsDisplay, 09 Apr 2021Translation : "I am unable to understand the potenial ... moreLol, response times :D what do you need response times for on smartphone? Guess people dont't really understand anything these days, just takes everrything for granted. Charging speeds levels already in a sense than you can handle and it was pushed not by gaming phones but by flagships :) Samsung started it on. Heat decepation are the only important thing, again on gaming phones is completely gimmicky. Sony Xperia Pro has largest vapor cooling block on any smarptphones yet it is not a "gaming"phone. So looks like you the only one does not understand anything regarding "gaming" phones. In short all gimmicks :)

  • MrDong

IpsDisplay, 09 Apr 2021Wanting gaming phones to die is a threat to competition its... moreThe Xperia doesn’t solve anything but gaming phones surely are a marketing gimmick.

I can agree with the best heat management part. But there are barely triple A games that you can play with a gaming phone. It’s not like it can run or at least emulate games like GRID 2019 or Shadow of the Tomb Raider (at least at 720p@30fps on lowest settings).

Ask competitive gamers what device they will use and most will answer an iPhone or iPad. Even iPhone Xs Max toaster phone with just 60Hz screen and 120Hz touch sampling rate won the PUBG Mobile offline tournament (Asia), check BTR clan (they are Indonesians). Barely anyone will recommend the gaming phones unless you play triple A mobile games like Genshin impact, and that game itself is losing popularity quite quickly with a niche target group. Barely any current games also play at 120/144 fps unless it’s traditional games like Subway Surfers (yuck).

And I’m not sure about the charging stuff, but I’ve seen in FB communities that a Blackshark 2 won’t turn on after it has been played while charging (the phone ran too hot). I may have the post or images of the Blackshark. So is it some more marketing ploy?

Clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re just attracted to the marketing strategies of gaming phones. Only plus is the additional gaming buttons and features. Let that sink in!

  • Anonymous

kek, 09 Apr 2021All those 3 were solved long ago by Xperia, and yet, no one... moreYour terrible grammar and the fact your name is a WoW horde troll laugh reference aside it's painfully clear you've not looked at a single benchmark check nor do you play anything on your phone more complicated than angry birds. And yes, I chose an old game to make a point.

kek, 09 Apr 2021All those 3 were solved long ago by Xperia, and yet, no one... moreno they dont, show me even one flagship phone which can sustain same perfomance level for hours.

kek, 09 Apr 2021All those 3 were solved long ago by Xperia, and yet, no one... moreWanting gaming phones to die is a threat to competition itself

Your statement makes you an enemy to consumers and to your own self

Your dishonest as factually speaking gaming phones alone have the highest level heat management and gaming phone almost exclusively have bypass charging

Count on your hands all the regular phones that are able to draw electricity straight from an outlet without the battery charging allowing infinite gaming hours with zero damage to the battery

Lastly gaming phones gave us fans.. fans alone aren't special but the real question is what happens to the development of specifications optimized for gaming under heavy a competitive smartphone environment? How will that competition help features to fall to mid and low end devices

Even if you say fans are already in computers.. that's irrelevant the PC space is way less competitive cameras develop faster in smartphones than DSLRs

How will mass production make this currently expensive features cheaper later ?

  • kek

IpsDisplay, 09 Apr 2021Translation : "I am unable to understand the potenial ... moreAll those 3 were solved long ago by Xperia, and yet, no one flapped an applause for them. Gaming phones are marketing trash and should just die. Like the other user said, they do the same another cheaper flagship device can do.

  • Anonymous

An0n, 09 Apr 2021Yup, some non sense ranting you got in there. If the same l... moreComparing a human body to a cell phone 😂😂😂

  • Anonymous

What if a phone armor is used on the phone from 3rd party vendors?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2021its interesting that there are a lack of "tough" ... moreSamsung moved to the xcover series, one seems to be an S9 Active in specs.

Lenovo turned their durable T-series into a starbucks type slim lineup, never mind X series exists for them to mess up.

  • Anonymous

mac231us, 09 Apr 2021another useless rig whatever 'test' rigging one&#... moreYou are underestimating gamers' emotions when dealing with competitive games.

  • hmm

Why would anyone want a dual type c port for a gaming phone ? Like just remove one type-c and replace it with 3.5mm jack so you dont need a dongle that can cause problems. I once had a phone that had only type-c port and no 3.5mm and it was annoying with the dongle that broke down in a week or so and need to adjust the 3.5mm plug every now and then in your pocket so you get the sound coming from the headphones.