Chinese carmaker Arcfox will launch luxury EV powered by Huawei’s Harmony OS and 5G

09 April 2021
The car supports level-3 autonomous driving with lidar and 5G connectivity.

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CopyFox, 09 Apr 2021Will it have a badging in the back "Internet Inside&qu... moreI think so😂😂

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”Chinese” and ”luxury”, hahah

What do you know about this car?

If it has 5G capacity, it will probably have Huawei's MDC solution on board, making it quite different to that certain other vendor.

We will have to wait and see though.

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Anonymous, 09 Apr 2021You are literally required to pay attention to the road at ... moreThat's like requiring user to supervise a batch script at all times. Whole point of automated things is to not waste time on them as they are being done. The car is either fully autonomous and you don't have to pay ANY attention to ANYTHING. Or it only has drive assists. Which should only be covered by things that assist you while you're driving like normal. Like collision prevention that kicks in if you miss something or speed limiter so you don't go over the limit. With these you need to still pay 100% attention, but may save you if you get distracted by something.

If car says it is self driving you damn well know people will just play games on their phone and never look at the road even if it's nowhere near that level of self driving.

Will the windshield have a punch hole and the pedals have waterfall curved edges? 😁

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Anonymous, 09 Apr 2021Hahahahaha, yes. I fully agree with you. I bet driver don&#... moreYou are literally required to pay attention to the road at all times in any "self driving car", no exceptions here regardless of manufacturer or model.

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This might be a good hybrid tech until AI finally matures and becomes efficient enough for self driving.
A mix of AI and human input to keep everyone safe. Like if you keep the car on auto drive and fall asleep, the Red Party operator overseeing your car's real time monitoring can override the AI system and remotely drive you straight to the closest jail. Of course it makes it easier to cause accidents when people don't respect the glorious motherland. But that will be a price we will have to pay for development.

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Anonymous, 09 Apr 2021Looks a bit like another certain EVAre we really surprised at this point? They are just not creative yet still proud, of what?...

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sixtymes, 09 Apr 2021will back doors be optional? They will be forced upon you :D

  • Just a guy

sixtymes, 09 Apr 2021will back doors be optional? Yes
You can buy it in 2 door configuration.

will back doors be optional?

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Kangal, 09 Apr 2021The move towards LiDAR is great news to hear. Here's ... moreHahahahaha, yes. I fully agree with you. I bet driver don't dare to sleep inside this car. It's autopilot mode make you crash into the sea maybe. Hahahahaha

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Looks a bit like another certain EV

The move towards LiDAR is great news to hear.
Here's hoping that penny-pinching, stingy man Elon Musk changes his mind over it.

...however, I have little-to-no trust that Huawei is capable of building a good software-hardware system (let alone the entire vehicle). Prove me wrong by building something that is much much higher quality AND safe.

Nice. The speed of adoption of electric vehicles in large Chinese cities and the number of local brands is staggering.

  • CopyFox

Will it have a badging in the back "Internet Inside" like the Xi'nese junk MG Hector?

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Cheap Porsche rip off with poor specs and now with stolen level 3 tech. Great.

Hep Hep Hooray

  • grd

yea that doesn't look like Tesla model 3 at all