TCL unveils the Fold 'n Roll concept device: the first phone that's both foldable and rollable phone

14 April 2021
This makes it a 3-in-1 device: a phone, a phablet and a tablet, with three different screen sizes.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2021I imagine a 13" notebook with 21" displayGreat idea! The future is very bright.

  • MUAD

TCL are doing this and Apple move cameras around for the iPhone 13... Jarring

  • Dora

Dora, 15 Apr 2021How about the nxtpaper tablets? I would have expected them ... moreI agree. There is total silence around the product.

  • Anonymous

It looks interesting.
However, does it have any crease

  • Anonymous

I imagine a 13" notebook with 21" display

This getting very interesting.
LG worked on rollable device and failed an dsome unknown company such as TCL won over the much more famous LG.
Pretty interesting.

  • Yupp

silbier.hell, 15 Apr 2021The pro plus ultra premium version will have the ability to fly 😂Yeah drone phone

  • Just in

Wow, this look awesome. Please when is it gonna be in the market and how much would it cost?

  • Easy to drop

Bad idea. The glass phone slipery easy to drop.

  • Jackie

What is the cost of the device$$$$$$$$?

We will need triple fold with double roll for movies it seems. I guess more capable roll could satisfy all with infinite ratio options.

it has been proven that outward folding makes the screen vulnerable to scratches even damage; tcl should have taken a cue from huawei mate x2, which followed the galaxy fold design. anyway, 3 display size option is just absurd; common sense may find a way to make use of the 3 sizes, but just like the lg wing it's not that practical.

  • efp101

it looks super cool, but seems like technology for the sake of technology. not sure it really helps people do things better. nice party trick however

  • lop

why the hell do they want to destroy the screen so much

  • Anonymous

SKINWALKER, 15 Apr 2021👍😂😂😂😂

James , 15 Apr 2021With a mat finish.. Get it 😂The pro plus ultra premium version will have the ability to fly 😂

  • Anonymous

This actually looks really cool, unlike their useless TCL 20 lineup.

I'll just correct their wording from their promo video: 6.87" isn't a "phone", it's already a "phablet" or "tablet". And at 8.85" it is 100% definitely a "tablet", not a "phablet", because nobody right in their mind would hold this monstrosity to their ear when calling.

James , 15 Apr 2021With a mat finish.. Get it 😂👍😂

  • James

SKINWALKER, 14 Apr 2021Foldable carpet phone then,what next 😱With a mat finish.. Get it 😂

  • Anonymous

I appreciate this concept... would love to have a smartphone that can unfold to a tablet