Realme 8 5G's key specs officially revealed ahead of April 21 announcement

15 April 2021
It's likely a rebadged Realme V13 5G for global markets.

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  • Ed

From 800U going back to 700, oh... my god! !!!

  • AnonD-131754

Acorns, 16 Apr 2021Yawn...Hahahaha.. Yo!

AnonD-131754, 15 Apr 2021Yawn..Yawn...

So basically it’s a Redmi Note 10 5G but worse

  • promispar

the biggest hope this week and now, what a boring phone! the color is toilett.

  • AnonD-966113

Anonymous, 15 Apr 20212MP macro, 2MP depth sensor, and instead of ultrawide they ... moreIkr. I genuinely don't get the motive behind printin "AI" and megapixels on the Why?

  • Bhanu

Disappointed us, u really we expected more but, no use πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  • Anonymous

What is the price?

Entire Realme 8 series is a downgrade form Realme 7 series

They forced Xiaomi to give us great note 10 series with realme 6 and 7 lineup. Now they lost their course. Nothing new and even some downgrades.

  • AnonD-131754


  • Anonymous

2MP macro, 2MP depth sensor, and instead of ultrawide they slap an empty circle with "AI" text on it.

Dear Realme, please take all of these phones, and I meant the entire production, and throw them into a fire. Thank you.

This phone is DOA, total downgrade from the 7 5g.

  • Sjsownw

Also, the realme 7 5g has nfc, while the v13 5g doesn't. Even though nfc is that much used yet, in the future it would. And the selfie camera on the 7 5g is 16mp, while v13 5g has 8 mp. Of course, megapixels aren't everything but do sometimes matter.
The pro of the 8 5g is that it would come with Android 11 out of the box

  • Sjsownw

Such a big downgrade from realme 7 5g, at probably the same price.
Downgraded charging: 30W to 18W
No ultrawide
Downgraded display: 120hz to 90hz
Downgraded chip: dimensity 800u to 700

Realme you have disappointed me lately smh