Sony Ericsson G502 and P5 leaked

21 Apr, 2008
Things are obviously getting hotter around Sony Ericsson by the hour. We know have two more leaks including the yet to be officially announced Sony Ericsson G502 and Sony Ericsson P5...

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  • Eddy

waiting for d spex... to plunge in nokia n96 or a p5... spex apart... wonder if it'll have d same old sad SE jack... sm for chgr, hps & usb conn... that could be a decisive fatcor... its high time SE changes d basix... coz dats d only drwbk wid otherwise gr8 gr8 SE phns like d W960... ALL THE BEST SE

  • Grover

Looks good just hope it works.

  • Anonymous

SE has posted a huge drop in profit if I ma not mistaken by 50 % .. I have always mentained that any company that gets the high end business phone models right (Design , Technology , Cost and Timing) will win the mobile war battle... The P910 was their last good phone . The P990 and the P1 were disasters and it reflects in the profits... looks like the P5 is also going to be a below average phone and I am sure we will see them pay the price for it

  • PcMan

No TV tuner(s) in P5, what a shame for SE.. Maybe no VGA too..
Bad developments, indeed

  • sidneylopsides

The G502 and Z780 have been announced on the SE site.

  • Anonymous

the fact that there are very few owners of P series phones out there is more appealing than anything. It gives a certain feeling of exclusivity. Who wants a phone that everyone else had? there simply is no spice to it, you loose your individuality in a crowd.

Even IF a phone doesn't have all the features, but if it is different, a person's curiosity would actually intrigue him/her to it, a sense of wonder from someone would actually set it apart from everyone else.

you think this is crappy?
don't buy this phone!
stay away from P5!!
this is all mine!
SE made this specially for me :p lol

  • Anonymous

P5 - It this is the prototype I hope there are major changes... it looks below average... SE seems to be loosing out in the High end smart phone market...
The face looks like a clumsy copy of the iphone... the keyboard a damper... SE dose not seem to know what to do in this segment... would have expected better from them espically now that apple has changed the game.

  • SE LOver

It's a great phone ever i know. It will be the best masterpiece from sony ericsson, and nokia will be down to hear that

  • David

Things are definitely getting hotter for Sony Ericsson by the hour. We're getting a 2 Megapixel camera phone with no autofocus!!! Also, we get to buy the latest (about 30th) iteration of memory stick!!!! WOW

  • Anonymous

you know what, its true, in europe nokia sales are dominating there. sorry to sound a bit biased the first time. glad we solved the distribution issue in a polite manner. some ppl in other threads would have flamed over wat i said lol.

  • Anonymous

I see that SE still hasn't shelved that awful qwerty keyboard of M600 and P1. That's a slight turnoff.

  • Anonymous

Good to see SE with new HSDPA handsets- I couldn't go back to 2 or 3G.

  • Anonymous

to the comment from Australia: Right you are sir, I will conceed I made a mistake I constantly nag other people about and "worldwide-ized" European results. OK, I will be more exact, I work at a content-distributor and the area I cover, Southern Europe, is the area I was talking about. Depending on carriers the figures are even bigger, but never mind. World-wide Nokia "only" sold a little above as much as Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson put together.
The trend here in Europe (OK OK, Southern Europe) is actually to shun the Blackberries and BlackBerry-style handsets, kind of cumbersome. Companies will go to Nokia's E-series (E65 is huge)and N-series (regardless of the big expectations from Apple, N95 still outsells the iPhone big big time) that offer the same capabilities as BBs, or go for completely different brands (HTC becoming a favourite in some of the Vodafones). Alas (for S-E) very very little Ps out there...

  • donnie

if its not a fake then this p5 looks cool
im looking forward to seeing the p5 when its officially announced
im no fan of standard se handsets but there pda devices are the best on the market

  • hMd

those p5 pics are photoshopped, take a look at the 1st one on the left, the phone doesn't seem to be 'on' the hand (notice that the fingertips on the left side of the 1st pic are very badly edited) the handset seems to be either very flat or the p5 is field of depth. also you only see those lovely reflection lines in press photos not on live photos (the reflection line the one being the diagonal going from top right to bottom left of screen)

  • Anonymous

just wan to be honest.
p5 copy samsung models
wow now i see it,se copy motorola kick slider
then copy nokia prism
now copy a samsung models design
be honest,se is a copycat

  • DingieM

P5 IS real for at least 90%, check following link to get a more complete picture of the P5 looks:

But I hope this black&white user interface is customisable! I would throw it away immediately and choose COLOUR...

  • Anonymous

and yet ppl have to realise that se builds alot of their phones with mid range functions yet for a great price, many ppl would rush to buy those first like some rediculous prices u can get the phones for in australia, se k770 for $250 aus, thats crazy. Alot of nokia phones will have better features than se yes its true but the price for a nokia phone very similar to the se above in features and release date have costed like $350. Many ppl like to get value for their money, sadly sometimes nokia is a bit of a rip but not all of the time, often u will see awesome priced phones from nokia. Not being biased, just being honest.

  • ck

p5 will drill nokias grave this time.....

  • Anonymous

sorry, had a look at the pages that u guys gave links for and yes it could be fake. Just gotta wait on whatever happens next but just regarding to distribution with nokia. I think that was exaggerated..uhm.. maybe a bit way above the limit. Basically since we're all from different countries, it may be different but perhaps some ppl direct it to worldwide. Nokia is obviously the biggest mobile phone company and do sell more than others, all true but i doubt they sell more than twice that se does let alone all of the others put together. In Australia, my workmates have been given blackberrys and so have i from our company. This mite not be an awesome phone but gotta live with it. main pda (htc,o2,hp) companys have dominated businesses around the world and simply personal phones such as nokia-motorola dont often have the best pda's so yet in particular jobs, not many are purchased by the companys. personal phones that are sold, yes nokia may lead in that but not by too much but total sales from businesses, one of the pda companies out of all the phone companies would top the scales in most countries yet again not by much.