NFC certification for LG's Rollable phone surfaces online

17 April 2021
This in an interesting post-mortem development now that LG is officially out of the smartphone business.

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  • Wayne Motellini
  • 7tm
  • 17 Apr 2021

It's Nuts. What they needed to do was a (profitable) Roll Down. to close down their uncompetitive models first, to reduce losses, while completing their remaining top end models which could make money, and not waste all that development cost. Redeploy the more valuable employees no longer needed to different parts of the company, on a dual ticket, so they can be temporarily called back if they are needed to trouble shoot completion of the remaining models. It maybe unlikely, but if the rollable model proved insanely popular, and profitable, then they could be the next Apple. If they started to make profit, then maybe they might stay in the business instead.

The problem is too many low sales models for stores to carry. Get rid of them and concentrate only on high sales and in demand nich models with no real competition. Everytime I viewed the low end LG model range, I thought, why? The velvet models could have been a lot more popular cheaper as well.

You would think they could at least sell off the V70 and Rollable to some waiting upcoming Chinese phone company, or Korean. If you look at Sony, Sharp, Nokia, or even Alcatel, they could really do with the Rollable design, even the V70, the last two. The simple issue is, there is more than one way to skin a cat, then sell the pelt, rather than burning it.

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    • Rich3yy
    • 3vW
    • 17 Apr 2021

    Even though I'm not (yet) interested in a rollable phone, I'd still like to see it being released by them.

    Maybe they will?

      Fayth, 17 Apr 2021okay, maybe LG will leave the smartphone business. and this... moreIt's highly unlikely but LG will shut the door for its Mobile division at the end of June or July so maybe.

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        • Anonymous
        • 3dv
        • 17 Apr 2021

        Vaporwaved :/

          Anonymous, 17 Apr 2021It will be released I don't think so, if LG is officially out of smartphone business. I wanted LG to release this device, and try something new, but this didn't happen. What we can do is hope LG will come back in the future. Blackberry is coming back, with a nice device this year. Maybe LG will do the same sometime.

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            • Anonymous
            • nuJ
            • 17 Apr 2021

            It will be released

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              • Fayth
              • XTA
              • 17 Apr 2021

              okay, maybe LG will leave the smartphone business. and this is the farewell device.
              like random wiseman said. if you want to leave, then leave with a bang

                rip lg 😓