New iPad Pros come with M1 chipset, 5G and Thunderbolt, the 12.9" model has mini-LED display

20 April 2021
The M1 chip is much faster and you can configure your tablet with up to 16 GB of RAM and 2 TB storage.

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Chip, 21 Apr 2021Overpriced, as usual. Rather get a Samsung S7+.In iPad, you don't only pay for the hardware,, you also pay for it's software.

The apps on iOS iPad is way more better and more optimized compared to the ones on android especially when it comes to editing & creating stuffs

No OLED display = no buy! Next!

  • Anonymous

regs, 20 Apr 2021Can it run Windows 10 ARM? If no, then useless piece of mac... moreyes it can run Windows 10 on through Parallels 16.5 and even beats the most powerful Windows PC

  • MrDong

Chip, 21 Apr 2021Overpriced, as usual. Rather get a Samsung S7+.Display only maxes out at 388 nits. I can barely see anything below 400 nits of brightness. Also it’s a lot slower than the iPad.

  • Barom

regs, 20 Apr 2021Can it run Windows 10 ARM? If no, then useless piece of mac... moreBruh Windows 10 arm is useless and going to guess Microsoft will drop support just like they’ve done with every ARM initiative they’ve done in the past.

Overpriced, as usual. Rather get a Samsung S7+.

among the M1 products, iPad pro pricing is the least appealing unless one uses these exclusively for work.

Apple priced it exactly enough for Americans stimulus checks lol

  • AnonD-994147

Apple makes a poor featured device, some people are laughing because it doesn’t have this and that.
Apple makes one very nice device all-around, some people are saying that they don’t need such powerful devices just for media consumption.
Some people just want to hate on Apple, doesn’t matter what they do.
Bottom line, the iPad Pro 12.9” model is the best tablet out there. And there are a lot of professionals who will take full advantage of all its features. Of course it’s not meant only for Netflix watching. It wasn’t built with that in mind and anyway there are other cheaper iPads for that.

John, 21 Apr 2021Lol please, fat chance with iPadOS. If this new iPad Pro ru... moreTHIS! I so agree with you. That is why I'm not buying into Apple's 'your next computer is not a computer' marketing hype. iPadOS is still not good enough to be a genuine macOS replacement. After all, iPadOS is still basically a reskinned iOS.

Apple should just really go all out with this and use micro led instead of mini led so it can truly rival OLED display. 2500 dimming zone for an 12.9 inch tablet? OLED literally have millions of dimming zone because of the per pixel lighting.

YUKI93, 21 Apr 2021iPadOS is not capable to run x86-x64 desktop software. It c... moreTempting tablet but I'll consider that

  • omzig

so we got no new ipad mini coming?

have missed the event i am on another timezone

Dennis.K, 21 Apr 2021What's up with iPadOSiPadOS is not capable to run x86-x64 desktop software. It can run any apps from App Store, but that's about it. Let's not forget that iPadOS is still basically iOS underneath but made for tablets.

  • Anonymous

Davy Jones, 21 Apr 2021You can get a full fledged gaming PC or even a Mac for that priceYeah, you can also buy a motorcycle, or a expensive jewelry.. or a folding phone.. or a 65 inch TV..

But why bother when you already had those things. Each have its niche functions. Its like comparing Apple to Oranges.

You can't carry your gaming PC.. and use it on a train right? And besides, a good gaming PC is now a big investment.. thanks to chip shortages and scaplers.. i will put it > $2000 for a decent recent build IMO.. or stick with a 5yr old desktop spec build at $800 - $1000.

John, 21 Apr 2021And it still runs on iPadOS, so no thanks. I'll stay w... moreWhat's up with iPadOS

You can get a full fledged gaming PC or even a Mac for that price

i would how much of difference of mini led compare to previous gen oled, presumably brighter, but with less vivid blacks, also, if and when, ios will implement always on display, it won't work on mini led and only applicable for oled iphones and ipads, it would be interesting to see if mini led is implemented on future iphone 13 pro, will regular iphone 13 still use oled, while entry level iphones regular lcd screens

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2021You are right... IPhone's are exploding left and right... moreGlad to see rational people who understand the truth.

  • Anonymous

Android tablet makers .. hope iPad Pro came out with A14X.. so maybe some chance to beat it with SD888...

It came with M1 chip.. Ohhh shiiiii... screwed.

Now for android tablets to match this.. they need the SQ3 from qualcomm. SQ2 surface pro x is still behind its performance. LOL...

I guess the only remaining hope for Windows or Android users now is to beat the dead horse iPadOS.. Buttt.. remember..

Its always like this:

better Performance -> better Apps.

Can't wait for June in WWDC...