MediaTek sets sights on US market, not worried about the chip shortage

21 April 2021
Ambitions are to become top chip provider.

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Apple m1 chip is better

  • Anonymous

Well, with Qualcomm using Samsung and the Huawei ban, only Apple competes with MediaTek for the 4nm/5nm TSMC chips. So they shouldn't be worried.

The chip shortage is for 28nm chips that are used in general electronics including motor vehicles.

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SD 765g sucks compared to Dexynos 1080/Kirin 810-820.765 had Pathetic improvements over 730/720.
Meanwhile, Dexynos 1080/Kirin 810 were 2x/3x their predecessor.

For some reason, maybe it's because the previous models were not well optimized....I don't want my next phone to have their chipset in it.

765G is an trash chip. It is expensive yet only improves upon 720G for 20%. It is only half as powerful as 865. 780G is awesome, but i don't know about the price. Mediatek Dimensity 1000 is better tham 765G

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the real deal