See if the Black Shark 4 bends like the Asus ROG Phone 5 and the Lenovo Legion Duel 2

23 April 2021
Will we have the third gaming phone in a row snap?

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  • m2J
  • 24 Apr 2021

These lenovo and rog phones had weak spots in the middle of the back on these gaming phones while black shark have full back cover without weak middle. Thats probably the reason why it didnt break on bending and even the antennae lines that are weak points.

That cooler is insane in size like seriously it so big that it will start to get on the way when gaming. Never mind that you need to have it pugged in as it dont have built in battery for it.

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    • Shiny Dave
    • mpm
    • 24 Apr 2021

    Seems pretty obvious that we won't get the dual-battery build in 2022 gaming phones.

      Anonymous, 24 Apr 2021Why are you repeating an isolated minor issue? Its an "isolated" issue ONLY due to sites like these are covering it up... INTENTIONALLY! Go to Weibo and/or XDA Forum and read THE HUNDREDS of complaints on this Mi 11 mobo issue or just leave it alone because the truth doesn't matter to you.

      If you go to this site's fabricated untrue reviews on YT of Xiaomi products, you'll see that this site most views come from Xiaomi phones but huge other review tubers, Xiaomi devices reviews barely even gets noticed.


      Hell NO!

        Man, in respect of your efforts in giving us hardcore testing of devices before we buy them is absolutely great your doing a great job.
        I did enter at to encourage you into continue this great work ❤️

          ASUS and Lenovo engineers doesn't have youtube?😂 his videos could have been suggested at least once over the years

            Hey they haven't tested the RM6 yet! >:(

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              • 24 Apr 2021

              Please, no more gaming phones that snap in half under pressure.

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                • 24 Apr 2021

                NotAnOpinion, 24 Apr 2021His Mi 11 didn't bend but he might should've test... moreWhy are you repeating an isolated minor issue?

                  His Mi 11 didn't bend but he might should've tested that mobo, huh?!


                    well done