Xiaomi has shipped over 1 million Mi Smart Band 6 units worldwide

26 April 2021
Most of those are in China since that is where the band first launched. Since then it has expanded to overseas markets.

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Good Jobs Xiaomi

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    • Mamun khan1
    • uNV
    • 06 May 2021

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      I have MiBand 4, and again the same problem with Mi:-> They're data hungry, want to know everything about you.
      You know, since MiBand 4 onwards they have a encrypted lock in place, which prevents other (including open source) apps from accessing the band as easily as Mi Band 3 did.

      Plus, the step counter is total rubbish. I was sitting in a vibrating bus, and it logged over 14000 steps. Can't it distinguish that bus' vibrations are way more recurring than a human can walk or run? Is this much of programming too much?

      The good points however are, presence of independent stopwatch, good battery life (24 days approx. in unconnected state), different exercise modes, good LED touchscreen, etc.
      For privacy, you can still connect it to a modified mi fit app to extract the encrypted lock-key and then use the band with any other app which reads this key...

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        • Ss
        • 7tQ
        • 29 Apr 2021

        Nice watch in MI 6

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          • Tahir
          • sUv
          • 28 Apr 2021

          Nate, 28 Apr 2021I have had my band 6 for a couple weeks now and it has an a... moreWhy not to make short and upload it on youtube

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            • Nate
            • 2CH
            • 28 Apr 2021

            I have had my band 6 for a couple weeks now and it has an absolutely TERRIBLE step counter. I gain about 1000 steps per hour of driving to work. Absolutely useless.

              KD Pandey, 27 Apr 2021When mi band 6 will be available in India.May be next.month ..i m also eagrly waiting for it ...

                michael, 26 Apr 2021When mi band 6 will be available in Israel?I just ordered one on Aliexpress. No point in paying twice as much in Israel. Hemilton will rip you off.

                I am more worried about if it supports notifications in Hebrew or not.

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                  • cherry
                  • 8XB
                  • 27 Apr 2021

                  Kingslayer, 27 Apr 2021I believe the Mi Band shortchanged my mom's 10K steps ... moreI agree! Even though I am kind of mad at Fitbit coz it got broken after a software update, I felt much more motivated to walk and work out using it than with chinese watches

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                    • KD Pandey
                    • U{J
                    • 27 Apr 2021

                    When mi band 6 will be available in India.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • uGP
                      • 27 Apr 2021

                      GPS embedded is needed; maybe in Band 9 iteration?! They have to make tiny incremental improvements along the way. The other BAD thing about this is the way the bracelet connects; from the "outside". It should be connected from the inside of the wrist otherwise they risk easily coming off. I lost one bush running and of course lost forever; I didn't replace it and won't buy another until they fix the bracelet issue and add GPS feature. Buy or Bye? Bye bye for now!

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                        • James
                        • D0h
                        • 27 Apr 2021

                        When mi Band 6 reach India

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                          • Salman
                          • syv
                          • 27 Apr 2021

                          When it's available in Pakistan mi 6

                            I believe the Mi Band shortchanged my mom's 10K steps to only 7.5K. That's basically over a mile in steps. I know Fitbit over counts but I would rather have that than needing to work harder to get to 10K steps. You don't want to work so hard only for the Mi Band to cheat you with the actual steps. Discourages people.

                              Had the Mi Band 5 for about a week a couple weeks afo. Nice-looking fitness tracker and good price at $30. But it doesn't accurately count my steps. It shortchanged me. Gave it to my mom and it shortchanged her.

                              I think any fitness tracker should have built-in GPS which Mi Bands don't have. I also don't like that I have to keep bringing my phone with me. The Mi Fit wouldn't work on my Android but worked with my iPhone 7 at the time. The irony since Xiaomi sells phones with Android..

                              Not for me. I'll stick to an Apple Watch. I like controlling my music and using Shazam on it. Has a calculator too.

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                                • GREGZENG
                                • vkT
                                • 27 Apr 2021

                                Bought a few MI Band 5 for self, & gifts. This is also now added to the camera of the latest Xiaomi smartphone. Unsure if the inbuilt oximiter is enough to upgrade to MI Band 6.
                                Like to small size, long battery life, good third party software, low prices, multiple colors, etc. Much better than similar devices. Best bought using direct sellers in East Asia, for epurchasing.

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                                  • rmy
                                  • 27 Apr 2021

                                  Peter-B, 26 Apr 2021A round Mi Band wouldn't be much different from a Mi W... moreYes

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                                    • michael
                                    • gDk
                                    • 26 Apr 2021

                                    When mi band 6 will be available in Israel?

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                                      • Igg
                                      • 0nq
                                      • 26 Apr 2021

                                      "Round shape" .. why? That was originally specified by the mechanics of an old style watch. Celebrate what looks good and works well. Less of the Luddites, and choose what you prefer, original or new.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • Ja8
                                        • 26 Apr 2021

                                        Anonymous, 26 Apr 2021Would be nice if they made them watch shaped instead of thi... moreThey do, it's called a Solar.