The Redmi K40 Gaming Edition is here with Dimensity 1200, 12GB of RAM

27 April 2021
Redmi's first gaming phone has everything you'd expect it to.

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  • 08 Jul 2021

Nike, 27 Apr 2021Dimensity 1200 GPU are same as Dimensity 1000 which is not ... moreWhich processor is good for genshin snapdragon 860 or dimensity 1200

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    • 26 May 2021

    Wayne Morellini, 09 May 2021The gaming phone market is a mess. There needs to be $100 ... morethen buy it from asus

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      • 09 May 2021

      The gaming phone market is a mess. There needs to be $100 and under gaming phones too, not just flagship processor phones. Android is a mess, there needs to be gaming phone sandboxing and increased priority (closing useless background apps and processes during gaming sessions) and realtime deterministic high speed handling of high datarate and volume data transfers, and through USB and wifi, and custom control mapping for games to physical controls. When that is implemented in Android, for all phones, then android will be a descent OS for gaming (considering you can put sections of machine code for the heavy duty stuff, the VOS needn't slow things down too much). The strategy will speed up gaming a bit in low end phones, but importantly it can reduce lag times a lot and battery consumption. The big commercial game operators need descent systems to use, not toy systems. Maybe then we will get more console and traditionally handheld titles. The current market is a lot of make believe I'm a good game programmer, and not a pretend money merchant of death in disguise, trying to survive on in app purchases and mind numbing speed draining ad/spyware snoops on every auto hidden permission rolled into no notify permissions, while your space fighter sloppily slides from side to side, as you "tilt" your phone with maybe a fire button instead of continuous fire! Tell me I'm wrong, a lot of games have been a pain in the behind, taking down the credibility of Android gaming on the past. Then maybe Nintendo can do a phone, with discrete software sales, and game streaming phones could be more possible. Game streaming phones might be a good place to start a dedicated console phones that adds dedicated titles over time. But, not everything is about high end titles, playing normal titles and Angry Birds is what a lot of people will do.

      I applaud the K40 discrete design though. I've advocated for many years, discrete physical controls built into phones, which make them appear regular phones, even business people could use. Your Spectrum phone (harking back to the fancy little Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer) does not need to appear anything more than an old plain iphone, but be built for gaming control. All the peolple who want the most outrageous glam film flam high end phone can buy them, the rest of the winners in life, can get something discrete for the same price and cheaper. What the market needs, is small cheaper gaming phones too, for normal games.

      But, USB 2, instead of the latest USB 3.x/4, and more ports, and no model with better video/camera options? There are people who want to use their gaming phones for normal use as well! A port to charge or sync and a port for headphones, and microphones, or other functions. Freakin out 4 TB/USB ports in and make a dock for a PCIe GPU card, hard drive and controllers, and play on TV console style even.

      While I agree the cheapest model can keep things modest, their should be flagship models with the normal extra cutting edge bits. Among the highest spec phones shouldn't be Apple's or Samsung's, they should be gaming phones, discrete and not. A gaming phone setup offers discrete performance and usability. Those physical control features are also good as mappable camera and media controls. As is, Android is "Jack of" many "trades, and" rarely "master of any". But, the inevitably of phones was to become a full on camera/camcorder, game machine, note taker, office, and now trades tool, all at the same time. But this has been held back by iPhone and Android for decades. Look at the original geoworks based smart phone, or Amstrad and Psion PDA's, we seemingly barely know how to do those things properly on a phone now. Look at text maker, which offered a desktop word like processor control. We can do 10x better, proverbially, in our sleep even, but we are not. The solution is discrete smartness.

      I'm sending this one off to gg.

        Docy, 29 Apr 2021I fell in love with camera ❤️❤️Same

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          • 30 Apr 2021

          Aierlan, 30 Apr 2021I did a bit of further reading based on your comment and I ... moreYou're welcome ;-)

          Your conclusion reassures me...

            Anonymous, 29 Apr 2021OLED can have : - an Active Matrix : it's AMOLED - a... moreI did a bit of further reading based on your comment and I think you are correct. It seems like it is probably an Amoled screen from CSOT (Huaxing). Thanks for the information and informative explanation.

              [deleted post]I'm entitled to my opinion, just as you are to yours. However, you should refrain from abusive personal comments

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                • 30 Apr 2021

                Anonymous, 28 Apr 2021Don't expect midrange with USB 3I didn't expect it but xioami don't include it even in their top models.

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                  • 29 Apr 2021

                  I fell in love with camera ❤️❤️

                    Anonymous, 29 Apr 2021OLED can have : - an Active Matrix : it's AMOLED - a... moreThey write Amoled though on the spec sheet of all their other Amoled screens not produced by Samsung. For example the mi11 lite 5g/youth edition states Amoled. All the screens for that phone are either produced by Huaxing optoelectronics or tianma, so it's not a Samsung screen. The same for the mi10s which uses a non Samsung Amoled. For marketing purposes they more than likely would have stated it as they do with every other phone they have available on the Chinese market. Still no way to be 100% sure I guess

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                      • 29 Apr 2021

                      Aierlan, 29 Apr 2021All I said that the screen isn't Amoled which it isn'tOLED can have :
                      - an Active Matrix : it's AMOLED
                      - a Passive Matrix : it's PMOLED...I doubt it's used for smartphone screen
                      All AMOLED are OLED but all OLED aren't AMOLED...even if most are

                      AMOLED can use :
                      - glass
                      - plastic : it's Plastic Organic Light Emitting Diode or POLED
                      All POLED are AMOLED but all AMOLED aren't POLED

                      In my opinion, nowaday, considering industrial production of the main screen suppliers (Samsung, LG, CSOT...), this screen is probably AMOLED.
                      I think, Redmi doesn't say AMOLED because it's not the Samsung E4 used on Mi11, that's all.
                      Rumors talk about a screen from CSOT

                        [deleted post]All I said that the screen isn't Amoled which it isn't

                          Anonymous, 28 Apr 2021But no. Those are needed to get rid of Google's contro... morewhat about forced encryption and also what if one wants to use gcam

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                            • 29 Apr 2021

                            Anonymous, 28 Apr 2021This sounds like a very strong mid- range phone (even witho... moreTheir trying to be careful not to get axxed like Huawei

                              TheWanderer, 28 Apr 2021Have you ever used your brain? Every oled smartphone displa... moreI did use my brain to actually read the detailed specs of the phone provided by Xiaomi on their own Chinese website. It wasn't too taxing. What a company does in the past is no guarantee of what they will do in the future. Companies often change screen suppliers especially in China where there are quite a few screen manufacturers. This phone has an Oled screen

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                                • 28 Apr 2021

                                TheWanderer, 28 Apr 2021custom roms are needed because of miui's bloatware, ag... moreBut no. Those are needed to get rid of Google's control.
                                Wanna get have all apps open? No problem. Just go to the battery optimization. Dead easy.

                                  IpsDisplay, 27 Apr 2021Stop the propaganda please The redmi note 8 pro has cus... moreok what about gcam support?

                                    r33fd, 27 Apr 2021Custom rom not really needed anymore. Only problem would... morecustom roms are needed because of miui's bloatware, aggressive ram management and forced encryption

                                      IpsDisplay, 27 Apr 2021Stop the propaganda please The redmi note 8 pro has cus... moreI see, thanks for correcting me

                                        Aierlan, 27 Apr 2021Did you ever consider the possibility that the article is i... moreHave you ever used your brain? Every oled smartphone display currently available is either amoled or poled, and since xiaomi has always used amoled this one is an amoled too