Check this video of Harmony OS 2.0 running on Huawei Mate X2

28 April 2021
The operating system looks like iOS with some Huawei apps on top.

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  • Adul Al Salami Kebab
  • nrX
  • 06 May 2021

s-pen pusher, 30 Apr 2021clearly an android fork. unlike fuchsia, which is entirely ... moreFuschia does also not use the Linux kernel which I personally hate about it...

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    • Denny
    • 46n
    • 01 May 2021

    Both apple OS and android OS are based Unix OS core. So similarly For HOS. The differences are for higher level designs

      clearly an android fork. unlike fuchsia, which is entirely a new os.

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        • Anonymous
        • IPA
        • 29 Apr 2021

        Victor Sol, 29 Apr 2021Please go and sleep you don't want Harmony Os to beat ... moreHuawei is A giant company.

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          • Huspa
          • Nvp
          • 29 Apr 2021

          Kevin , 29 Apr 2021I can't wait to try this on my Nova 7. Huawei is KingDamn right

            One and a half minutes of swiping left and right

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              • Have
              • CGH
              • 29 Apr 2021

              Hey forget about spying when you know you are doing things right

                nobody, 28 Apr 2021Are you seriously??, Huawei need more effort to beat androi... morePlease go and sleep you don't want Harmony Os to beat Android keep imagining it okay

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                  • Kevin
                  • NYW
                  • 29 Apr 2021

                  I can't wait to try this on my Nova 7. Huawei is King

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                    • Fayth
                    • XTA
                    • 29 Apr 2021

                    mandalaphone, 28 Apr 2021Can't two OSs share the same programming language?of course they can

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                      • Held
                      • vjP
                      • 29 Apr 2021

                      Anonymous, 28 Apr 2021Oxygen OS/Colour OS/Fun OS of bbk begs to differ.I'm not sure I get your remark. Those OEMs never claimed that their Android skins were new operating systems.
                      Yet I totally agree that the naming scheme of most Chinese smartphone manufacturers is out of place. Those are user interfaces (different types of UI), and should not be called "OS".

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                        • Majkl
                        • nxE
                        • 28 Apr 2021

                        Like Android but with fewer apps.

                          Fayth, 28 Apr 2021I mean, every OS has it's own design language Symbian... moreCan't two OSs share the same programming language?

                            You will simply be spied

                              hone, 28 Apr 2021It's exactly like EMUI on top of Android nothing new lol.Exactly. The real thing to watch is the success or failure of the AppGallery.

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                                • nn8
                                • 28 Apr 2021

                                Mikele, 28 Apr 2021How Huawei lied? A lot has been said about this OS was thr... moreYou don't have the rights to argue with the couch army. EMUI is Huawei's own UI on top of android for a decade, but that doesn't matter!

                                  hmm, 28 Apr 2021Windows phone failed only cause of the lack of apps and the... moreThat's a bunch of lies and half truths.
                                  I had a Lumia 800. It got one major update. That was probably nokia's best "selling" device.
                                  It had a terrible touch sensor that made everyday usage a chore and gaming annoying. I got it replaced and they worked the exact same way, even tried several display models in different stores and they all were as terrible.

                                  Windows Phone failed because Microsoft abandonded their initial promises of an open operating system when they turned it into a more locked down version of ios, with an incredibly boring monochrome UI.

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                                    • Wayne.
                                    • 7sX
                                    • 28 Apr 2021

                                    Just being reading Wikipedia, and apparently its based on a fork of Android 10. It was supposed to be different. Maybe the different part was just the real time embedded operating system kernel. Anyway, android must be fill of a lot of American tech. So, what are the Americans going do, go around raiding shipments in other countries? Android suxs, And maybe have dreamt better operating systems design on my actual sleep, and women and not remembered them. Java suxs. Linux suxs the least, but should the most, as Java should be a lot better,and android better again. And this company couldn't come up with something better. They were supposed to have embedded distributed internet of things kernel. That language is a good start, but where is it. The great OS system designers are getting old, so it's time we figured this out. They mentioned QNX, that's exactly the sort of place to start, and Amiga years ago were going to put there frame work on it and use the Elate tantric gaming VOS technology (my rival). That would have been an excellent start, but all that is decades our of date now, except QNX, which probably hasn't been worked in a meaningful way for a decade or so. I'm probably the youngest of that generation of designers. There are many footprints of clues put there on how to design a good OS, but people aren't listening and acting clueless. You would likely be astounded at how much better an mobile is could be.

                                    Anyway, back to milk shake straws sipping the profit from the trash.

                                      Mikele, 28 Apr 2021How Huawei lied? A lot has been said about this OS was thr... moreI guess when you say your creating a new OS people expect it to be completely new, not forked from another OS. That's not new!
                                      Your analogy of BMW and Mercedes being both 'cars' is dumb.
                                      The fact is that Huawei is caught lying about creating a new OS and Huawei fans are defending them, plain and simple.

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                                        • Dawood
                                        • f}s
                                        • 28 Apr 2021

                                        Nice OS