Sony Xperia 1 III Chinese pricing revealed

29 April 2021
The flagship is launching on May 20 in China.

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I cant afford this ;(

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    • ZZL
    • TRE
    • 13 May 2021

    Sony Sony Sony. I was so excited to see this phone. I've been wanting to move back to Android for the longest time but your decision to have such a long gap between announcement and release dates is just annoying to say the least. I'm not going to wait if something else better comes along.

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      • Anonymous
      • kky
      • 12 May 2021

      Sp12er, 01 May 2021LG is just lg, too many confusing phone models, and putting... moreSony might be doing a tad better than LG now but it's not by much.
      They are still horrific at running their mobile division and making the right choices.

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        • Anonymous
        • kky
        • 12 May 2021

        Anonymous, 05 May 2021Sony is premium quality So are others. What's your point?

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          • Anonymous
          • rwn
          • 05 May 2021

          TAPAS, 03 May 2021If Sony keep Average price like other Brand ..Than just im... moreSony is premium quality

            Robert, 03 May 2021S21 Ultra difference with S20 Ultra negligibleI am comparing model S21+ versus S21 Ultra, not S21 versus S20, and the topic isnt about specs but prices...

              • R
              • Robert
              • j9J
              • 03 May 2021

              Henk01, 03 May 2021The difference between S21+ and S21 Ultra is neglectable, i... moreS21 Ultra difference with S20 Ultra negligible

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                • TAPAS
                • DkA
                • 03 May 2021

                If Sony keep Average price like other Brand ..Than just imagine how other Brand SURVIVE in smartphone market ..
                But SONY is SONY..

                Still in Huge fan and I Hv XPERIA XZ1..

                  Smithravi, 02 May 2021In which country?? In Europe Germany price of 12/256 GB S21... moreThe difference between S21+ and S21 Ultra is neglectable, i bought S21+ for 850 Euro...

                    RobZ, 01 May 2021i already did you dummy! 256 s21 ULTRA was 999$ on amazon a... moreIn which country?? In Europe Germany price of 12/256 GB S21 Ultra is 1250€ on discount.
                    Original price is 1300€. iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB is around 1400€. No deals nothing.

                    Don't be a fanboy of some brand and spread misleading information on these platforms. Some people might actually believe it is true.

                    PS: Be happy Sony at least gives you 270€ worth headphones in pre orders.

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                      • Alpha
                      • 80i
                      • 02 May 2021

                      NunoB512, 01 May 2021I think the price with the improvements is fair $1300 for w... moreSay it louder for the people in the back to hear.

                        $1,313, wow. Sony needs to find a way to build decent phones that are not so costly.
                        For example, offer trade-in discounts like and does.
                        Else, most people won't be able to afford their flagship phones.

                          • S
                          • Sp12er
                          • 6c1
                          • 01 May 2021

                          Bebah, 29 Apr 2021Way too expensive. Sony just extra to follow on the foot st... moreLG is just lg, too many confusing phone models, and putting all their eggs on their basket of a new design too early, I don't think they should meddle on dual screen and swiveling phones when they still ain't turning profit.
                          Sony cut back their mobile division and absorb it to the bigger Sony Corp early they cut their losses and now are focused on just the essential.
                          and it work. last yesr they made profit.
                          LG didn't try to struggle more, they fold out from building up pressure that they build themselves.
                          Sony ain't gonna fall back out from the decision that give them that profit now. they'd double down on the niche and that make sense.

                          Also... not sure what is surprising here, its still a 12/256 phones, if you want to make comparison, first don't start with the base spec of other phones, which are usually 8/128. if you want to compare that, pick the 5mk3, not the 1.
                          naming... is it even still confusing still? they literally are just a single number now. are phone people admitting they're so dumb they doesn't understand the concept of "mk" these days?
                          Sony camera and headphone div uses them for a decade now, and sony fans sure are already familiar with it, they're the people sony selling their phones to, not you.

                          Buy sony on sale, they fall quite fast.
                          peolea Re dumb if they think sony can just pull their price down to oneplus level for no reason, oneplus just doesn't have the brand name of sony. even if their smartphone division is dwindling, its still a Sony product and they got to protect their image as a premium brand. if they start to cater to wussies, it'd not be Sony anymore.
                          the current situation of putting it high and let the price adjust itself later is the compromise, yes it's kinda getting hammered by how today's press only focus on MSRP and day 1 news stuff, but again, Sony never intend to go mainstream with this phone here. they don't care,
                          they didn't even expect to turn profit last year, but they did. Sony makes phones because its still the no 1 computing device every people have, they left laptop because it was a dwindling market (2020 brought that back up but we'll that's a special case) but phones? there's still nothing that will replace them in the near future.

                            I think the price with the improvements is fair $1300 for what ur getting seems fair, 4K display w 120 refresh ratio, brand new camera technology, 360 audio. Better audio from the front speakers, faster wireless charging (Not the fastest but Sony cares bout the life of the camera). So if it was an iphone or Galaxy it is normal but when u add these features and raise the price by $100 is crazy ......

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                              • David DE
                              • 3EX
                              • 01 May 2021

                              Anonymous, 30 Apr 2021Oh man, reading through the comments makes me cringed. I... moreThe problem with Sony is simply the lousy service. not just for cell phones.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • fur
                                • 01 May 2021

                                RobZ, 01 May 2021i already did you dummy! 256 s21 ULTRA was 999$ on amazon a... moreso I see you're still dummy , comparing launched price with discount price .

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • y$d
                                  • 01 May 2021

                                  Anonymous, 01 May 2021I love Sony phones, always get. So anyone that wants a new ... moreusually they offer some goodies like their wireless earphone or headphones in pre order, that's the best deal that they could do at the moment

                                    • R
                                    • RobZ
                                    • gm2
                                    • 01 May 2021

                                    Anonymous, 30 Apr 2021wrong dummy , compare 12Gb/256Gb to model to each then come... morei already did you dummy! 256 s21 ULTRA was 999$ on amazon at the time of this article!

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                                      • Pleh
                                      • saG
                                      • 01 May 2021

                                      Goodbye One Plus hello Sony our old friend

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                                        • Shui8
                                        • KZK
                                        • 01 May 2021

                                        YUKI93, 01 May 2021Top brand fotr gaming console and TV maybe, but definitely ... more'Up to this day, I only see true tech enthusiasts buy Xperia phones'

                                        Not exactly. There are bunch of amateur/average photography skilled person bought it as well (think it was the best, by posting low skill photos 🙄). Go to XDA & watch user sample photos there. I'm not talking that I'm the best about photography, but I'm sure know how differentiate between bad & good photography stuff.

                                        The only great samples I saw from Xperia from the Sony marketing ad themselves at the moment.