Samsung ends support for the Galaxy S8 series

04 May 2021
The flagship line enjoyed four whole years of firmware support.

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  • AlienKiss

Time to ROOT my S8+ and finally gain superuser access :)

  • Giovanni Anthony

Best phone ever

  • Shkupjani

I am using Samsung S8 since March 2018. I am very satisfied. I have only replaced my battery few months ago. I have never factory reseted.

Hello folks!

Longtime S8 user sharing his honest experience here. Some of the problems I faced were:

1. The usb port got damaged one fine day just like that. Replacing it cost me 2k inr.
2. The power button became loose and eventually came off one fine day. Replacing it cost me 2k one again.
3. Fast charging randomly stops switching back and forth to on and off while charging.
4. There are multiple random screen ghost touches though quite rare.
5. The glass back is a serious fingerprint magnet and after just a few minutes becomes unbearable to hold comfortably. Got a back case as one should.
6. The earpiece speaker has gotten low in volume so can't hear the person on the other end clearly during calls.
7. The person on the other end can't hear me clearly when on speaker mode during calls.
8. The screen has permanent oled burn-in spots everywhere from the bottom navi panel and keyboard to upper corner buttons from frequently used apps. Expected from a heavily used oled screen.
9. The fingerprint works 3/10 times. Unacceptable!
10. The photos almost always come out slightly blurry.
11. Background running apps suddenly close from ram very often in 3-4 total running app scenarios. The reserved ram for One UI is too much for this 4GB model to handle well.
12. The display isn't bright enough outdoors in direct sunlight.
13. And finally 4 years of use later the screen cracked quite deep and easily from just a knee length drop (~1 foot). The selfie camera is all blurred up and the top right corner of the screen has gone black but is working perfectly fine.

Some of these issues are quite common among the S8 user base and some not but all in all I'm not giving up on Samsung just yet, love the ONE UI user experience too much! Getting the S20 FE SD 4G variant as soon as it launches in India! Was going to upgrade anyways even without the unfortunate screen crack as the battery health is almost dead.

Not even, 04 May 2021I don't use the iris scanner on my Note9 and actually ... moreThe iris scanner is safer than the fingerprint scanner which is already one of the safest methods.

  • mirage-universe

I have had my S8 since May 2017. Flawless device. IMHO the best device Samsung ever built. Except for S9, Samsung has only subtracted hardware from the S-series phones launched after S8. I am just waiting for a worthy successor to top my S8. But Samsung probably has other plans. Sony Xperia 1 III seems a worthy upgrade so far but only for a decent price. For other manufacturers its just a battle of GHz, RAM, ROM and Cameras....Nothing aesthetic or even groundbreaking... Sad to hear that Samsung stopped updates for S8. S8 developers take a bow..!

  • Frosty

Mehrshad, 05 May 2021Huge Respect for Galaxy S8 Plus I have had my 8 + since they were released and never had a problem with it i don't want to upgrade but if I have yo i definitely wont be spending thousands on another samsung as much as I luv this one, im in my 70's and can't see the point

  • Anonymous

Sad reality You bought an expensive phone and then...Im using Samsung Note 10 plus in the future i will not buy any expensive phone.

jason, 05 May 2021its the apple base going on about updates....these so calle... morePerson who replied first is SUPER on point. Updates to apps still exist and don't be an idiot. Simple concept, otherwise run AVG and then safe mode with the final option of hard reset and, poof, issues gone. Just stop being a fucking idiot, people!

Anonymous, 05 May 2021this is what android phone DNA. iphone 6s still can get upd... moreWho TF own a phone for 6 years, bro? I'll give ya 2, 3 is stretching, and 4 is just.... literally antiquated in the sense of Moore's law. You can't integrate with some of new Apple tech and are crying about updates? Jfc you Apple people are petty af sometimes

atumiwa, 05 May 2021how about Note 8? my last update was also April 2021, but d... moreYes it will. Samsung's EOL or end of life schedule is literally based on specific amount of time, only extended this last year with S8 models due to the pandemic. As a previous insider with my NDA now expired I can tell you this with certainty, but don't expect it to be supported beyond 1 more update. That said, if you're using Chrome rather than their shit browser, or any other apps that update via Play Store and their own dev schedules that often FAR exceed that of current Android builds you have on your device.... wouldn't really be concerned unless you're an idiot to install 3rd party software from an email telling you to or randomly clicking malware click-bait. Just run AVG and you'll be fine for a few years at least.

  • ErikPapaPlays

Thats why Im going full iOs starting now. Farewell to my Galaxy s8 Plus.

  • Heero

[deleted post]Not really.

how about Note 8? my last update was also April 2021, but dont know if it will get another update?

  • Mehrshad

Huge Respect for Galaxy S8 Plus

  • Anonymous

this is what android phone DNA. iphone 6s still can get update as security fix till now

  • Quericus

With the S8 support now at an end Samsung is starting to follow its pledge of 4 year support for their midrange to top of the line phones. Hopefully the company will continue this from now on.

  • jason

sq2013, 04 May 2021Totally agree. I think that unfortunately a lot of people t... moreits the apple base going on about updates....these so called major updates are being drip fed under the guise of support, when in reality, most android phones for a decade have had features, i mean take multi tasking or file management systems, both touted as MAJOR update selling very first nokia touchscreen in 2009 was a 5800, THAT had file management on it, and it was better then the IOS version in 2021

Arod, 04 May 2021my bro still has the note 8 since 2017, and yet still kept ... moreOdd, because I haven't experienced such issues with my Note9. I can get easily 8 hours SOT, even after two years of use, and the phone is actually faster and more responsive when updated from Samsung Experience (that was sluggish AF) One UI, even after two years of use.

RIP !!