MIUI 13 scheduled to arrive on June 25, phones from 2019 or newer to get it

06 May 2021
Flagships like the Mi 9 or the Mi Mix 3 are likely to be left behind.

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  • sk5
  • 14 Jun 2021

The Redmi 8 is from 2019, so why it dont get the update?

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    • Anonymous
    • tDU
    • 11 May 2021

    unfortunately 2019 xiaomi phone cannot get a miui 13,sorry for my bad english

      Hoping that MIUI 13 and onwards will become more optimized and stable as Xiaomi really needs to focus on their software aspect. Things like removing strict RAM management, remove the delay in notifications, make the skin lighter, more android upgrades, and other bug fixes need to be addressed. Only then can they compete with other brands in terms of software. For now, only time will tell. Wishing everyone have a nice day and stay healthy amidst these trying times.

        when xiaomi had 4-5 models, they updated them for 4-5 years. now they have so many models they are not being able to update one android version. Is like buing a Gionee or Elephone device. Took your money and forget about you. And, forget about original accesories whith this comunist company. No producer case or glass or anything like that. Just like any ordinary cheap chinese phone. Did I mention they listen yoy all the time 24/7, and iy you talk about anything, your receive adds about what you have talked.
        I really think that a Nokia with an obsolete cpu, but 4-5 years of android support are a better choice. I don't want anymore to look for custom roms if I paid a lot of money to greedy company.

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          • Supppu
          • Dk$
          • 09 May 2021

          When will I get android 11update for Black shark 2

            RealLifePhones, 09 May 2021are you twelve years old?25 actually.

              notafanboy, 07 May 2021You don't know what I buy, so yeah you're embarra... moreare you twelve years old?

                Alex 94, 08 May 2021Yes but they are much more expensive, like i can get poco x... moreyou're right. but I don't know I often buy low end devices for relatives & family friends Samsungs phones are the best balanced. Xiaomi phones tend to hide dirty secrets that aren't on spec sheets like pop up ads & OS level activity tracking

                  RealLifePhones, 07 May 2021If you wan't good software buy a Samsung or OnePlus (n... moreYes but they are much more expensive, like i can get poco x3 and note 10 or one a52.

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                    • Nick
                    • CbD
                    • 08 May 2021

                    Change the Google Dailer app

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                      • Blackkk Mamba
                      • 8tH
                      • 08 May 2021

                      Maxx, 08 May 2021Indian global have been a call recording option Yes it does, but POCO seemed to have replaced MI phone and dialer app by Google dialer and phone app

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                        • Maxx
                        • 6p}
                        • 08 May 2021

                        Salim, 07 May 2021Automatic call recording not workingIndian global have been a call recording option

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                          • Anil
                          • ypc
                          • 08 May 2021

                          My phone is redmi note 5 Pro is not updated in miui 11 to miui 12

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                            • Prit
                            • 7k4
                            • 08 May 2021

                            Is it available in Remi Note 7 pro??

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                              • Anonymous
                              • DkP
                              • 08 May 2021

                              Miui 12 full of bug, Mi atleast Make this update proper and make it available for every device which having miui 12, because of the bug i even hated my phone.

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                                • Satish Vishwakarma
                                • YT1
                                • 08 May 2021

                                redmi note 5

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                                  • SUBASH SADASHANKAR
                                  • 73V
                                  • 08 May 2021

                                  Anonymous, 07 May 2021yes until now the redmi note 9 is included My mobile is Redmi note 10 .. my phone camera cannot work properly ..the camera portrait doesn't work .. and my phone hits a lot please solve my problem

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                                    • Praveen
                                    • KSg
                                    • 08 May 2021

                                    Please give MIUI 12.5 in Redmi Note 8 Pro

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                                      • Abbas
                                      • U{W
                                      • 08 May 2021

                                      My phone is poco x2 but not update available

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                                        • Salim
                                        • Dkc
                                        • 07 May 2021

                                        Automatic call recording not working