Asus Zenfone 8 and Zenfone 8 Flip's specs and renders leak

06 May 2021
The Zenfone 8 series will be unveiled on May 12.

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  • Rafli

Anonymous, 08 May 2021OMG 🀣🀣 I can't wait 😜😜hey, is it just you me too bro😝

  • Anonymous

OMG 🀣🀣 I can't wait 😜😜

  • Jack S.K.

Sun, 07 May 2021why macro not ultra wide !!!!:(It probably is both.

Anonymous, 07 May 2021 well explained. 12 MP macro is still a welcome change thou... moreThanks.
For the IQOO7, many phones already have Ultra-Wide that can take pseudo Macro by using their Autofocus, like the OnePlus 8 Pro for example.
The quality is good, but as I explained, you can't get as close as other options allow.
So they should be avoided (not for the consumer, but for the industry), not because they are bad, but because there are much better options that they cast their shadow on.

  • Anonymous

gsimcard, 07 May 2021I like how people complain about zenphone 8 doesnt have any... moreSeems like you haven't used a OP 9 camera but daring enough to comment that it's mediocre(I have it and it isn't) . 2 sentences later you say use a phone and experience for it yourself

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 07 May 2021You misunderstood my comment. I was referring to you talki... more well explained. 12 MP macro is still a welcome change though. The newly launched Iqoo 7 already has that feature. It has a 13 mp wide cam that also acts as a macro

Qimchi, 07 May 2021So an ultrawide is less useful than a zoom camera at which ... moreYou misunderstood my comment.
I was referring to you talking about Ultra-Wide with Autofocus to make Macro.

I basically said that a Telephoto that can also do Macro and Portrait (it is just a question of minimum Focus distance and control over Depth of Field) is better than a 12Mp dedicated Macro, which in turn is better than a dedicated 5Mp Tele-Macro such as the one Xiaomi use, which is better than a regular 5Mp Macro, which is better than a 2Mp Macro, but all those are much better than an Ultra-Wide that can do Macro because of the Autofocus.

Ultra-Wide is literally the opposite of a Macro, while a Macro is closer to a Wide/Telephoto.
The shorter the focal length (so the wider the angle) and the closer you need to be to the subject, the issue here is that both the Ultra-Wide have a short focal length (that's its goal), and have a deep depth of field, the depth of field is the distance between the closest and farthest point you have in focus, the issue is, the minimum focus distance of Ultra-Wide supposedly at few Cm are not the usable minimum distance, just the minimum it can set itself to, meaning the effective real Focus distance is further, making the Ultra-Wide good for close-ups, but not good enough for real, super close up Macro.

And on the opposite, a longer focal length such as a Telephoto allow to either take a Macro shot from much further than the Ultra-Wide can, and still have as many details, or to get even closer and to see even more details.

Indeed, an Ultra-Wide with Macro capability is better than no Macro capabilities, but we should still avoid them as much as possible, rather than having a 2Mp or 5Mp Macro and those horrors 2Mp Depth camera, only having a Telephoto as a third lens which can also take Macro and Portrait would be a must-have.
Alternatively, a single camera, a real Zoom (which can go as low as an Ultra-Wide and as high as a Telephoto) would be amazing too!

Shadocx, 06 May 2021There are many phones out there with smaller chins...Well yes of course and some are because they fold the screen under itself. That doesn't ignore the fact the comment I replied to wanted to put a selfie camera in a flipped chin which probably not fit.

Demongornot, 06 May 2021Telephoto with Macro and Portrait >12Mp Dedicated Macro ... moreSo an ultrawide is less useful than a zoom camera at which in most times the main camera has better zoom especially indoors or in low light and can do the same level of macro as a telephoto with macro with digital zoom? Not to mention main camera can't zoom out to ultrawide if that isn't obvious enough? Also what do you mean portrait? That's just pseudo bokeh. Even the main camera can do that and better but it can't go wider.

gsimcard, 07 May 2021I like how people complain about zenphone 8 doesnt have any... moreI mean it really doesn't matter if it's improved or not, given that it wasn't released in most parts of the world, hence it's a brand new phone for them. But the cameras, even if they have the same sensors, will be better this year, because of better ISP in 888. Headphone jack might be back too. People really like to complain about no improvement, but they really don't have any suggestions on it could be improved, except slapping the latest samaung sensor, when in reality, it has very less to do with image quality. I'd prefer they improve the post processing with the current sensor rather than jumping to a new sensor every year.

Last year's Zenfone 7 Pro was a really capable phone when it came to camera, when OIS in two of its cameras. It won MKBHD blind camera test. This really tells how biased people are when it comes to their favorite brand, even when they produce inferior quality photos.

  • Sun

why macro not ultra wide !!!!:(

I like how people complain about zenphone 8 doesnt have any changes or improvement over their predecessor. But yet the phone release is grabbing their attention.

Complain about left hole in the screen like other manufacturer haven't done it. Even if they put it on the center or put bezel, people gonna complaint. Complaint about 90hz screen at FullHD+ when even Iphone stuck at 60hz... Lmao... And yet iphone sale higher than Samsung with 120hz screen.

Complaint about camera but there are still many people buy oneplus 9 with that mediocre camera.

Also why the heck people need to compare it with xiaomi. If u like xiaomi, just buy it. No big deal. People doesn't really think what xiaomi have to sacrifice in order to price their phone cheaper.

To be honest, just buy and experience it for yourself. Im not siding with Asus, it just a lot of people here complaint about the phone even before it even release but they are not gonna buy the phone in the end. So no point of complaining if you gonna buy Xiaomi, Realme and Oneplus.

salarx, 06 May 2021It's better since the manufacturers slap 4 cameras in ... moreUnderstandable, the 2 MP lenses are indeed useless.

Anonymous, 07 May 2021The reason they don't get bought is simple; ludicrous ... moreActually Asus is one of the very few companies whose launch price isn't insane. You can buy them on the launch day itself and have peace of mind that they are not going to cut the price in half within a few months.

Your pricing expectations for the 8 mini are ridiculous though.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 May 2021The reason they don't get bought is simple; ludicrous ... moreFlagship sd888 chipset for 300 pounds? No way.

Also it should cost more not less to pack flagship chip set in a small form factor, that's what people don't understand.

And also why small phones are becoming so niche. Larger phones cost less .

  • LovE

Just a little bit smaller than S21, which is better in every aspect...

  • Anonymous

Essen, 06 May 2021That's the common thing between Sony and (reasonably) ... moreThe reason they don't get bought is simple; ludicrous pricing for overspecced phones nobody really wants or needs. This Asus Zenfone 8 Mini shouldn't be more than GBP Β£300 but Asus will push it for at least double the price and then wonder why nobody bought it. Until the prices get back to being reasonable (< Β£500 for a flagship), nothing will change.

You can blame Apple for the trend of trying to flog phones for over Β£1k.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 May 2021Keep dreaming. 1) no non-chinese brand is able to sell ... moreSamsung gave ip67 for galaxy mid range series.
Asus can give it as well

  • jmrtns

I was really waiting for this phone (Zenfone 8) as a compact snapdragon 888 phone to finally replace my S10

I would have preferred a flip mechanism to avoid punch holed screen.
But something worries me more. When looking at leaked pictures i don't see the hybrid/sim card tray like on the Zenfone 8 Flip side.
If this is the black thing near USB C, looking at the size i guess this won't include microsd card reader. If they ditched the microsd card reader it will be a deal breaker for me (as Samsung S21 was...). :(

  • Essen

Anonymous, 06 May 2021how the f__k did this article get 50 comments in 4 hours ... moreThat's the common thing between Sony and (reasonably) compact phones. We all love them, want them, comment on them, discuss them, fawn over them, hope for them, pray for them. But nobody opens their wallets to them. All the buzz here is for 5.9 inch phone. That I am sure nobody will buy when it comes out, leading to Asus not having that size for the Zenfone 9.