Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 gets a video hands-on

24 Apr, 2008
The highly discussed Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 PocketPC based on Windows Mobile 6.1 finally got closer to the public thanks to a video preview...

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  • Anonymous

Awesome phone.
Have it for a couple of weeks now.
And it DOES have video acceleration!
The qualcomchip has it built in.

  • Sanna

The Xperia should have a magnifying glass in the box. The font size is tiny. Yes, you can increase it, but it only increses the size in programs, not menus.

So if you are going to buy this phone, take a visit to your optician first and ask för magnifying eye glasses.

I got one from work, but after configuring it using a magnifying glass, I packed it back into the box and there it will sit. My old Nokia 6300 and my old HP Ipaq will do fine.

  • Anonymous

this phone is made by HTC (the same company that made PDA Phone for many brands), so, it safe to assumed that this phone will be no better than HTC's own flagship.

  • darkmarko

this is a good phone no doubt about that but is ALL IN ONE truly what the people want? MODU presented on MWC its modular phone which can be 'dressed'
into a number of 'jackets' that change its functionality totally.
Check out and you will see what i mean.
200 euros for the phone with two jackets and additional jackets cost from 20 to 60 euros depending on the functionality. thats nowhere near the 1000 $ prices that all in one phones cost.
As the inventor of modu said we have a ONE IN ALL device.

  • Sone

To X1User

Will you maybe also check what it video & music files support?
And the mega bass too


  • X1User

I forgot to mention that if you want to use handwriting recognition instead of the keyboard, it is very very good. Better than Symbian and I always liked the UIQ3 hand-writing recognition

  • Anonymous

Haven't listened to music on it, apart from ring tones that come with Win Mobile 6.1 but the sound quality is very good, but they are in WMA format. Since this is a Windows Mobile phone, you can run any program that is written for Windows Mobile 6. Haven't checked for a flash player, but I will and get back to you.
Finally and something we all forget about ... the voice quality during phones is crystal clear. Absolutely superb. It's early days but the phone is great, so if it's so good this early, I can't wait to see what it will be like when realeased.

  • PB

I have some Aussie mates with the HTC TYTN II and NOKIA E90, and they tend to freeze and are cumbersome, respectively, however overall they are great devices. But I have been waiting for a smaller, feature-packed PDA, and this X1 seems to be it - I can do away with a PC and laptop.

I don't mind waiting for this phone, will hang onto the SE K850 until then, as it works great and my Gmail gets pushed through perfectly. PDAs are the future though.

  • Sone

a person from esato posted dis bawlin site

with pics take from tha x1
and of tha x1
and 2 previews video and a video take at 480/ 640 res.

ya must watch!!!!!

  • DMXOnline

i think it's a verry nice phone , but how i can get a prototype phone from SE ?

  • Joseph M. W.

I am longing so much to see a practical X1. I also believe that it is having all the features that come with W810i which is very enterprising. The phone looks fantastic and i am hoping to have one ones they get into the market. I love W810i and believe X1 will beat my thurst for it.

  • Anonymous

Tha owner below

Does this phone has a flash player, mega bass and loud speakers?


  • Anonymous

I have a X1 prototype and anyone who says that it is slow, wait until you see what the final version holds ... it still a while away until it will be released, so why the judging now. Many things change, just wait and see ... trust me ;-)

  • Anonymous

I have an X1 already and let me tell you it rocks!!! The camera is phenomenal. If I could post pictures here I would. The 3.2 is fine, I'd rather have better optics than a big resolution, and the 3.2 on the X1 takes some of the best photos I have ever managed to take. My friends were shocked that a phone took them ...

  • Darren

I use a SE W960i as a personal phone which I like but I also have an HTC P3600 for business and the Xperia is nothing special compared to my PDA. As someoned mentioned "where's the touch flo" I have installed a 3rd party TouchFlo on mine to match that on the HTC Touch and it's perfect. Users don't want a mini PC on their phone they want a touch screen interface designed for a small screen phone. Lose the stylus and create a finger friendly system. I think the iPhone 2nd Gen (3G, better app support and bigger memory geared more towards business) will be released first and will run away. This is too little too late.

  • Anonymous

Brick, heavy 145g, only 65K colors, very slow Windows Mobile 6.1, no TV out, no xenon flash and a high price of $899USD...SE do you really think to beat any competitor with those specs and expensive price??? I don't think so! Big deception, i was waiting for a REAL ALL-IN-ONE from SE!

I will keep my very good K800 for the moment!

  • Anonymous

If X1 is like this, better not to sell it.
it's to slow.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

where can we view this video? all i have been able to find is the commercial from sony website...

  • fonezoner

prashant you dont know what you are talking about.. i work at a mobile store and the n95's are very slow, takes ages for stuff to load.. sony's are one of the most reliable handsets around, we RARELY have to do a repair for sony. have not had a single k850i back literally. i dont understand why ppl think nokias are so reliable, just because they have big marketing.. remember the n70's & n80's.. how slow were they!! :)