Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 gets a video hands-on

24 Apr, 2008
The highly discussed Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 PocketPC based on Windows Mobile 6.1 finally got closer to the public thanks to a video preview...

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  • V

Such a nice hardware with an ugly Windows sad. No touch-flow either. And it seem a bit slow too from what I can see. I think Windows should best do away with the out-dated start menu style that it has for Window ugly and useless with tiny font and options. I used P900, P910, P990, M600i, and P1. I was waiting for this phone for a while, but I guess not any more...

  • Anonymous

Where is the front camera??

  • songeh12

duh! a sony clie is reborn.... (applause)

  • nick

i dont know whether to get this or a nokia touch phone. aaah

  • illlogic

This isn't so much a brick as the Wing or other counterparts. But I still ask myself how come people still wanna have to use two hands to type a text? You know you don't really need this phone, you just want it because it's nice looking and it's got cool different features like the little control sensor-looking deal..

  • Amir Hilmi

honestly.. i think my tytnii can do more than this phone :-p

  • nhoj

well 3.2MP is ok with this kind of phone do you imagine using a bulky phone such as this as a camera phone? besides its competing with nokia's E90 a serious phone this one... the lag is out of the question since this a prototype..though i see a lot of advantages in using Windows as its OS because of its purpose though it seems that using a more glorified symbian UIQ version is a lot OS has a lot of buggy feature inherent to the OS itself... it should have been OK if it wasnt SE :(

  • L1

Since Qtek 9100 I stopped to care bricks in my pokets. This is a brick!

  • Anonymous

From my experience it's the opposite of what prashant said.

  • prashant

most of sony phones are unstable...the software is not very fast the phone shuts down automatically..i used k850i for over a month..the 5mp camera sukzzzz n the phone even did not update it self through seus..the phone was dammm slow...then i bought n95 8gb..the phone is one hec of a gadget...the fastest phone of the lot n the video play back ability is xperia also ust be unstable

  • Jason

The guy in the Video doesn't seem to know how to use a smartphone properly. May be a marketing guy with little knowledge. Sony UI seems to be very slow too. Well, we can disable the UI, if it is useless. What I want is amazing specs X1 with WM, not with stupid modification, which let the phone down in performance.

  • P5i

What a very beautiful device with a very ugly interface inside!

  • X1 lover

the overall performance should be improvedthere by commercial. it is amazing 3.0 inch WVGA touch display with this arc slide, then this small size. In japanese market, there are several WVGA model, but all hand set are too big and more slow. This X1 could change industry's power balance. let's see.

  • Anonymous

the speed will improve, this is not the final version, and the drivers of the gpu are not finaliced

  • d3xlabs

what a bad video. Too much lighting. Anyway, I agree. WM devices are still not fantastic. But, SE has made the right move by moving away from their UIQ Symbian OS. I think I'll wait for the Nokia E71. If its real.

  • Ishuaia

Is there a way to switch from Windows Mobile to anything else?

I just hate any MS product (debian)

  • this_is_alright

if this phone is a thousand dollars then it's definitely not worth it.

  • yanziforever

i think it could be more fastter tilt 8925 is run better than this x1 ..but i still waiting for the x1 ...

  • Xadion

A bit disappointed with the interface. Could have been more faster and more responsive.

Take note with the iphone!

  • Anonymous

yes, it is too slow but windows mobile rulz ;)
anyway, i want the xperia x1 :)