Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 gets a video hands-on

24 Apr, 2008
The highly discussed Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 PocketPC based on Windows Mobile 6.1 finally got closer to the public thanks to a video preview...

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  • rehamer

tell me which phone you have that can act as USB HOST?
only windows powered mobile can do that.

tell me which touch screen device that has right click or context menu.....again, only windows mobile can do that. and many more.

  • moe

well if u think windows sucks....then you never had a windows mobile device before. windows offers many verity of software and freedom and it kicks Symbian OS, iphone, or any other os other their. and for the graphic issue.. it been said many times before and i will say it again...its a prototype...and i will also define it for you, prototype is "A first or experimental working model of something to be manufactured..and used in advance of production to allow demonstration, evaluation, or testing of the product"..

However, i think this will be the best phone for 2008..and it will become a standard in high end phones..such as N95

P.S. while the PSP had a great GUI (eye candy), it did suck when it comes to adding software and customization...

  • Anonymous


windows sucks
the device it self rocks
but windows ruined it

sony ericsson should programe thier one software for touch screen devices - No Symbian - No windows - they suck

the softwares in all other phones are fast, powerful and safe

they should make a software that similar to PSP's software, easy and powerfull for there next touch screen phones

  • hamed1297

just read this from the source site,so that u can understand there is hope to fix this slowness,so don`t hurry:

On the video above you might have noticed that the device doesn't seems to be the fastest yet but please keep in mind that it was a prototype. We still have the word from Sony Ericsson that the X1 will take benefit from some kind of graphic hardware acceleration.

Unfortunately this meeting with the Xperia X1 was way too short and I'm definitely looking forward the next time, I hopefully have the chance to test it a little bit longer.

  • eternal_wind

i'm sure they'll fix up the slowdown issue...

besides, there still plenty of time before release (which i heard between august and October)

  • ozflo

I am disappointd with the slow UI despite the reported 128Mb RAM. I hope this is rectfied in the post production version otherwise it will be a big disappointment. Other features are ordinary if this is going to be a iphone killer!!

  • rock from jam

nokia fanboys are out in there numbers.SE is the boss

  • David

This phone looks good, but it's two years late. We have been spoiled by Nokia's N95

  • KC

Consider with so many functions in a phone, you cant called it "kinda slow", my friend. And also, it is demo set, SE might get some changes before launching, we dont know.

  • jackass1

meh...I'll wait for the P5 "Paris". Slimmer than the X1 and I don't have to deal with Windows Mobile cuz it's UIQ.

  • hamed

hello all,i just want to know why they used this type of CPU so that they couldn`t run the video acceleration?whyyyyyyyy?

  • Anonymous

i'Ts a Nice phone i't's Look like mini computer or pocket pc nice Model.

  • Anonymous

This phone is meant for windows mobile users. It is not for those who uses regular phones. It seems that there are always people complaining about microsoft's OS. If you are not use to using this OS then maybe that's why you are complaining.

  • Unknown

Wow, so many nokia fanboys here.....

anyway the phone looks great!

  • silentwhistler

kinda boring...the system is sooooooooooooo oooo ooooooo slow...i hope the non-prototype unit won't be as slow as that. and as to what i've seen, it isn't different from any other windows powered handheld's actually worse to some. so if they won't really fix the video acceleration, then this device is just a pure bluff from SE as always.

  • acs

looks super slowwww

  • pukersha

It's an ok phone for me. I am not really impressed. It's kinda slow.

  • Charlie

Look at that guy's bendy thumb - gross!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

one world awesome