Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 gets a video hands-on

24 Apr, 2008
The highly discussed Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 PocketPC based on Windows Mobile 6.1 finally got closer to the public thanks to a video preview...

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  • Rajesh

I wonder whether this HTC-made phone wll have a proper video-driver.

  • Anonymous

65k colors SUCK.
this phone could be a perfect iphone killer. too bad.

  • Anonymous

ony 65k colors? why not 264++ colors or 16 millions?

  • Skanderworld

What???? No M2..that sucks...they should've put microSD/M2 like on the K850i...XPERIA looks awsome but windows and 3.2 MP camera =s ...I'll have to really think about it...think I'm going to stick to symbian P5...

  • Anonymous

Well at least the components will be of quality, it's made by HTC isn't it? That's were the good seems to end. HAHAAHAA GO CRY A RIVER SONY FANBOYS! :D

  • agent_s87

hey guys,
it is a nice device (the look)
i am a loyal Nokia guy, tried the SE but found it a bit Simple and lake for a lot of stuff, but after the iPhone been introduced all companies now trying to make sth like it, SE and Nokia and others, but this phone looks Very slow compared to other devices and it is nothing compared to the iPhone with its UI...
so good job SE but i don't think that u can over top the iPhone!!!
let's wait the 'Tube' from Nokia and compare between all!!
but for me i guess the iPhone will always Top others!!

  • Anonymous


I'm not impressed :D

  • Anonymous

dang it, no UMTS 1700mhz band.

  • Anonymous

Why would you need 5 megapixel... This is only beneficial if you print the pics out as a phone can only display a picture at 2mp quality and can only send mms of 2mp quality.

  • pat see

slow? lags? BECAUSE WINDOWS!!!
why only 3.2 megapixel camera??? minimum 5megapixel!!

  • Anonymous

This is a PROTOTYPE! Will you all please get a life and realise that this will be nothing like the final commercial release.

I have every faith that the UI will be much quicker when this is released to the public.

I work for O2 and get test models of alot of phones and all of which do not compare to the final release.

wait for the gsmarena review before being so cynical.

  • SE-Faithful

Well i am a loyal SE fan but i after many the many handsets they have i thought this one would be quicker, but still very slow UI... Every function has a small lag... Starting to think the iPhone might be better (Very Quick)... Plus after having used all the P series phones and the Symbian UI, not sure how i will adapt to the Windows interface...Might just wait to check out the P5

  • Anonymous

I think what people is looking for is the design and style.

  • fox

after all the wait? wats new in the phone anyway?
its all availaible since a while ago.. tytn II etc.

  • Anonymous

so.. SE finally follow the trend..
first, they put the red and green buttons back ("call" and "end-call" buttons).
second, they give up the M2 format and use the more popular MicroSD format.
third, they finally apply 3.5mm audio jack.

  • Anonymous

Based on the video I think the interface speed is ok except maybe for the panel part which is a bit laggy, but that is extra. I've been using windows mobile and I think it is faster than mine. I do agree that the iphone's interface looks better but I think its more for casual users. At least the X1's interface looks better than any current nokia phones (nokia users may think different though). This device is very nice for people who uses windows mobile. As for the phone's design, it looks wonderful and compact in size.

  • Archangel

$k, the X1 is targeting a different set of users than the Iphone, basically those who want more than a glorified ipod. It would be competing with the E90 Communicator. The time when Iphone has the ability to provide as many apps as winmo or Symbian, play mp3 ringtones, A.F, QWERTY keyboard, not so recessed audio port, some office support is when i would take it seriously. basically the iphone is only a showoff device not something for the serious business user and is nowhere near the X1's league

  • $k

I'm no Apple fanboy, but the potential of the iPhone is much more than this. Apparently the iPhone boasts a 667 MHz and dedicated 3D accelerators. 3rd party applications are dime a dozen. I expect the 3g one to add GPS too. It will be "the phone to have". Of course second always to the Nokia NSeries ones. So I see the Xperia being a bit inferior to the iPhone. May the bashing begin !

  • hate

X1 will be manufacture by HTC if i am not wrong...i hate htc because of their lake of video driver in their htc tytn 2 which i already bought and no help from htc whatsoever...may be sumthings also will be wrong with this unit...NO to htc or any thing connected to htc...sorry SE.

  • Anonymous

thanks for the info sid, makes sense could be safemode but at least the quality of the hardware looks good