Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro renders leak showing shocking new design

14 May 2021
Another source has confirmed the looks, while saying the colors aren't accurate.

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  • Anonymous

TBC but if yes, well nice to see something different. How that will sell? Depends... the risk will vary with the price, hw and hype combo

This is an artist's render. Nothing is official. I remember seeing a render for the Pixel 4 and it didn't look like anything from the render. People are just bored and will come up with things for people to get excited. Wait for leaked photos of it. That's better confirmation.

I wish this camera "belt" was a lens cover like the Sony Ericsson K800i. Be cool if it slid it up and down but mechanically. Copy the styles of the Chinese like the cool Oppo Find X from 2018. I'm not in it this year to get a Pixel 6 or a 7 next year. I just hope they keep improving the design by the time I'm due for an upgrade.

  • No matter

I like it. The colours, simetric and stylish camera hump. Looks good.

Looks like a classic Nokia or Sony Ericsson Walkman phone.

  • Anonymous

Hopefully, Google doesn't use the same low quality tele camera as the Pixel 4. It had the worst tele camera hardware on the market. It was a 44mm equivalent 16 megapixel camera (which was used as a 54mm equivalent camera with approximately 10.5 megapixels) and the lens lacked contrast, black looked like grey. There was also chromatic aberration. Furthermore, the Pixel 4 tele hardware captured slightly less light per time from an object than the main camera due to the slightly smaller effective diameter of just 2.43mm. For comparison: the Xiaomi Note 10 has a tele camera (not periscope) with an effective diameter of 4.37mm. This leads to 3.2 times as much light per time from distant objects.

I like that it's differentiated from other devices, not my type of design but still happy it's different.

Most GSM Arena commenters happens to be Xiaomi fans or Sony fans. They will bash iPhones and Pixels. To expensive for them in their part of the world. If you want a Pixel, they are actually quite cheap second-hand and even refurbished.

I could easily buy a Pixel 2 from OfferUp for $80 and condition is 9/10. Just beware of the first two generations. HTC manufactured the first gens and the smaller second gen. I've heard of issues. I just don't trust HTC at manufacturing.

While the only issue I have with my black 3 which wasn't manufactured by HTC is it will randomly turn off because of overheat. It actually did this at least a 10 times on me in a span 2 years. It's not a phone to use during the summers as it's sensitive to warm days while sitting in my car.

Perhaps it's the Snapdragon 845 as the 835 didn't do this? I've retired my Pixel 3 two months ago and still works quite well. I prefer the screen on it than the iPhone 12 mini. Screens on the iPhones tends to look yellowish whether IPS or OLED.

  • Roco

I think Google has good software but akways behind competition in terms of hardware. That's why when you put the pixel camera pp on some other devices it actually produces better images becausethe camera hardware is better

Front design looks very Samsung-ish

Pixel, Pixel 2, and Pixel 3 generally looked the same. IIt was good, better, and best in design.

A lot of people hated the 3 which makes it quite underrated. The smaller one at least. The first 2 don't have wireless charging. I'm only talking the smaller ones here as those are the only ones I'll buy. So no Pixel 2 or 3 XL. The latter having that hideous notch.

The Pixel 4 went a different direction but was also maligned for packing a smaller battery. The Pixel 5 went a direction using a mid-range chipset to keep costs down. I'm hoping Pixel 6 returns to flagship SoCs. Google is building their own SoC for it.

  • Anonymous

I like it, the camera hump won't make the phone wobble on a table. Has some HTC DNA in the design

  • Anonymous

Reminds me too much of older phones from LG or Samsung.

It's a better design than the last models, but I doubt hardware will be much better... also I dislike the Google-style with the extreme simplicity. It's trivial.

I like it. The orange accent should come in various color options. It definitely has a "Google' vibe to it.

more than 1,000 USD for "One" Pixel?
I personally prefer to pay less than 5,000 USD for "One Hundred Mega" Pixel!!!

  • Anonymous

Very 'Daft Punk', somehow!

I actually like it, the design is kind of art deco and different anything different from the current crop of same design slabs is welcome, I will get this if it turns out a like for like render.

  • Anonymous

However, despite Google having one of the best smartphone in terms of hardware and software, market availability is still anemic. I can't even buy a mid-range Pixel without the black market here in our country. Imagine if they would release it on all markets. Yet, whatever happens I will find a way to get a hold on one of these.

  • Anonymous

Once a case is used the design becomes non important.

  • Johnny

Spanky, 14 May 2021In my opinion, it looks quite ugly. It’s what a smartphone ... moreAgreed - it looks like something out of a Jetsons episode lol

In my opinion, it looks quite ugly. It’s what a smartphone whould have looked like, if it was made in the 1960s.