LG selling Velvet 2 Pro, Rollable phone to employees in South Korea

17 May 2021
There are about 3000 units of the Velvet 2 Pro exclusively available to LG emplyees.

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NomiHK786, 17 May 2021Resale strictly prohibited? - I can see these going for loa... moreHow are they going to enforce that? If I was the employee, I'd flog it for some big bucks or leave it in its unopened box until it becomes a collector's item.

Resale strictly prohibited? - I can see these going for loads on eBay after 6 months or so.

Everyone knows that Sony's mobile, Meizu and Motorola (Lenovo is just going to stay with its brand naming) are next to kick the bucket.

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Black (Glossy)
Beige (Glossy)
Bimetallic Bronze (Matte)

Why do phone companies do this? Just offer all models in matte texture.


this will be precious cellphone collector hunter.