Samsung showcases several foldable displays ahead of SID 2021 exhibition

17 May 2021
Check out the next wave of foldable OLEDs from Samsung.

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  • Anonymous

I will only consider foldable if there is no creases and half the current price.
It is not like foldable reduces the thickness of device much.

  • A

I'm hoping to see an under display camera in coming note 21

  • Wayne Morellini

At long last, an s foldable, which I've been waiting for (to do) since maybe decade before last. But it's still has an inward fold, where a outside fold could be much cheaper, as it requires less folding radius, and does not need as good a folding material. Somebody please release that (at $300 low end flagship)? It's the sensible one.

How will the present foldables be a year from now? How will that go under warranty extensions? Here, you can expect to get a life of 10 years from a phone of reasonable construction and get a full refund on major defects. So all has to be factored into price, or you just go to outside folds.

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 17 May 2021Consumers wanting foldables is still very niche at this poi... moreNot an apple hater (use both mobile OS platforms, and they both have their advantages) but there's a significant portion of apple users that will change their thoughts on foldables should Apple offer one. To Apple's credit they appear to have waited for the technology to mature. Meaning by the time they offer one (assuming they do) the worst aspects of the new technology will have been addressed.

Until they find a way to address the fragile displays foldables will be niche. That Apple is exploring foldables suggests they believe solutions are around the corner.

I don't want us to be stuck at slab designs forever. But it's not looking good for foldables at this point and seems more people are just content with what they have already.

The excitement and luster from any industry like mobile won't last forever. I remember when video games excited me. Now they bore me. I'm already starting to feel that with mobile. Be excited with any new phone, use it, get bored, buy a new one. Wash, rinse, repeat.

the day foldable screen doesn't have crease and it open up tight and feels 100% like a normal screen that's the day i will buy a foldable phone or tablet. at this moment NO coz the crease is unacceptable to me

  • Anonymous

Do people really care about a foldable phone? Hope those companies don't lose too much money to seriously focus on their smart phones development.

Consumers wanting foldables is still very niche at this point. It probably will never take off until Apple releases their iPhone Flip. That may happen in 2 years or longer. A survey says most iPhone owners don't want a flip phone. Apple may never release the Flip then.

The only practicality I see from these foldables is for the tablet market. Whether they fold or roll out, it's only really practical for tablets.

  • Smi

Really not interested in this shit we want Back Note Serious like Now Note 21 Ultra

  • Skalamanga

Anonymous, 17 May 2021Hope everybody is having fun with the foldables. I, for one... moreYes, I am. Hope they get bigger

The 17" 4:3 foldable screen definitely caught my eye the most. It is now possible to have an iPad screen aspect ratio with a folding screen. I am definitely looking forward to that one, especially if Samsung would plan to release it with Windows 10 OS.

As for that nearly bezel-less laptop, I definitely hope that Samsung or anyone doesn't do it on a convertible and also on a tablet. Bezel-less convertible laptop and tablet really look so wrong in so many way! It would be a touch accident frenzy all day!

  • Skalamanga

I was hoping the s-fold (which should really be called the z-fold) would be ready for a device to replace the note series by the end of the year

  • Anonymous

Samsung displays the best

Once someone said Front camera in a mid range 400 USD has higher quality than 4000 USD Laptop.

The decision to use under display front camera is good, but there is a trick which will turn it into selling point, regardless of quality.


Next Generation kids never look somewhere irrelevant like we do most of the time.

Top, Botton, Left, Right are forceful lack of technology bad position

  • Woohoo

Finally something like Project Valerie could become a reality, I still dream of a 16:9 (or 16:10) display unfolding/rolling to a 21:9 display for ultimate immersion!!😍

Samsung needs to fast-track that 17-inch foldable tablet now!

CampGareth, 17 May 2021I'm liking the 17" screen though I wish it were b... moreI wish for a 55 inch foldable tv that can be used as a pc monitor when folded.
Or a 200 inch concert screen that can be used as a tv when folded. 😂

I'm most excited about the 17 inch foldable tablet. That would be great to have. Sounds like a real productivity device. Anything smaller than 17 inches would be quite limiting.

What about the build quality of the bezel less screen 🥴

CampGareth, 17 May 2021I'm liking the 17" screen though I wish it were b... moreMore like a Laptop to Desktop than a Tablet to Laptop🤣