Samsung showcases several foldable displays ahead of SID 2021 exhibition

17 May 2021
Check out the next wave of foldable OLEDs from Samsung.

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  • CampGareth
  • 7Wk
  • 17 May 2021

I'm liking the 17" screen though I wish it were bigger! I've been thinking for a while that a foldable 27" 16:9 screen would be ideal since it would fold into two 14-15" halves like a standard sized laptop but then expand back out into a large display for when you're at a desk.

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    • Anonymous
    • gDn
    • 17 May 2021

    Hope everybody is having fun with the foldables. I, for one, am fine with 6 inch slab phones, which are already getting too big for my taste so I don't need an even bigger foldable/rollable phone