Google Pixel 6 Pro leaks in new renders, more details outed

20 May 2021
The very unusual design of the back is confirmed.

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  • Anonymous

That hole at the top is just really annoying.

  • AnonD-964130

Better than the boring design on pixel 5 but sceptical about the camera bump ,wont wobble i think

  • kek

I'm going to be honest: This design looks generic. It reminds me of those Xiaomi phablets , and on the back, something Meizu & HTC could come up with.

  • Anonymous

Regarding the camera software, I really hope that there will be a color temperature slider, HDR+ enhanced (which is a faster and sharper Night Sight mode), less aggressive noise reduction, no artificial machine learning zoom and I hope they fixed the issue that dead, white pixels can be visible when you zoom.

Mikeromeoz, 21 May 20216.67 inch? Sounds like the size that xiaomi keeps using on ... morehopefully its not the same IMX363 again, that sensor has got to go

also, i see a periscope camera which is always welcome

they just had to make the back glossy huh?

  • Anonymous

7.6cm width is really too much and a deal breaker for me. I always use a case. And the smaller Pixel 6 likely won't have a periscope camera.

If the rumors were true about Samsung making the chipset (something akin to in between the 1090 and 2100), imagine them getting a deal on LTPO panels, Harmon/Kardon speakers, and even that Periscope lens. If Google prices it right, it'd be an awesome phone.

Granted, without the headphone jack or 2nd type-c port, I will respectively decline it.

  • Anonymous

Guess I'll keep my Pixel 5 until it dies. Long live compact phones with even bezels and lightweight -- and unlimited high resolution photos storage. Thanks Google, but no bueno on Pixel 6.

  • Anonymous

"On the rear there's a trio of cameras, of which one will be wide, another ultrawide, and there's also going to be a periscope zoom shooter"
According to the leak, the Pixel 6 Pro will have four cameras: "and an unknown camera situated next to the LED flash" So possibly a Tof camera.

6.67 inch? Sounds like the size that xiaomi keeps using on their mid to mid-high phones. Also I'm looking forward to see what kinda main sensor they'll use. Maybe something along the lines of 12mp 2.0um? Or perhaps 20mp 1.6um? That'll be great.