Samsung Galaxy F42 5G moves a step closer to launch as it gets Wi-Fi certified

22 May 2021
It's said to be a rebranded Galaxy M42 5G.

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  • 24 May 2021

Flipkart's version of M42 5G which is a rebrand of A42 5g

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    • 23 May 2021

    As usual, these corporate giants want to save every penny on production cost & yet overcharge their customers as much as possible.

    Also, replacing tapes & pull-tabs with glue is not good for consumers, as it makes phones harder to repair & replace parts by yourself. Most Samsung phones this year came with glued batteries, which makes them harder & dangerous to replace. You can watch JerryRig's videos on this subject if you need proof or details.

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      • YQS
      • 23 May 2021

      AnonD-964130, 22 May 2021Absolute non sense going on in android market with rebrandingTrue. I lost my interest..

        Bet we can release more phones than you, No way bet you can't! Right your on, watch this!

          This new ceo is going berserk.

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            • 22 May 2021

            So disappointing from Samsung

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              • 22 May 2021

              Absolute non sense going on in android market with rebranding