Samsung Galaxy Buds2 leak through FCC, buds and case pictured

28 May 2021
The Galaxy Buds2, SM-R177, look like the Galaxy Buds Pro, will have ANC.

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  • Anonymous

buying different brand and not anymore from samsung. they dont care about buds falling off from ear. cant really use them with bad design like this. they think customers are bigtime money spenders with zero complaint. they dont even cater to answer customer complains and problems anymore.

  • Simon

I'm confused as the original Buds design was perfect. Why not just stick to that and make them sound better and run longer? These and the Buds+ just nailed it, just stick to that working formula Samsung.

  • test

Teachers nowadays: let's learn our numbers kids! 1, plus, pro, 2, ultra, max,

  • Asif

I also hv back experience with bud pro thou paid big price but not comfortable.

  • Sam future

I really hope this time they have a comfortable fit and a great ANC. I was utterly disappointed with the Galaxy Buds Pro because of the painful fit and weak ANC.

if it still comes with the same case dimension it would be even better so those who have bought protective cases for either Buds Live or the Buds Pro they don't need to buy a new protective case for this upcoming Buds

  • Anonymous

I bought bud+ for 2 months and it was sent to samsung service center already. 2 months after it is fixed, it's broke again

  • mmm

Welll who cares if Sony get the WF XM4s .....

  • Alboooz

I just bought today Samsung Buds+ for 13€, and is working fine.

I think that when he says better sound, he speak about Buds+, no way they will have better sound but inferior ANC that Buds Pro, it's not logical :P