Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 family leaks with specs and prices

28 May 2021
This time around there will be three high-end tablets.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2021what will be the price range? 900 euro for plus

  • Anonymous

what will be the price range?

  • Anonymous

LCD again on the 11" model to coerce you into getting the monster ones if you want Amoled. Hard pass from me.

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2021I wish the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 had features s... moreMost of these are offered by different apps now. Teachers and students are happily meeting online using Microsoft Teams, Google Meet/Classroom, Zoom, etc. You may do anything on your desktop, and do screensharing. But yes, unlike their desktop counterparts the mobile apps are not fully featured, which is lame. There are web-based whiteboard interfaces that allow teachers/students to write/draw anything they want, and do audiovisual interactions at the same time. PowerPoint allows broadcasting presentations. Haven’t done live-streaming yet, but one can use YouTube for that.

  • Anonymous

mukhi, 17 Jun 2021At the moment Samsung Galaxy tabs have much more productivi... moreI wish the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 had features such as:
(1) Stream Deck (like elgato) for teachers to stream and give lecture
(2) All the features for students to attend online classes and give online exams in writing.
(3) Features for teachers to write,, draw, mark in color smoothly and help in writing over PowerPoint, word, etc while showing to students.

At the moment Samsung Galaxy tabs have much more productivity potential than iPads do. Samsung marketers just don't know how to promote it.

  • Russel

You get an M1 chip, 16GB RAM, and 2TB storage with the new ipad pro.
11" is easier to hold but misses out on mini-LED. Why would anyone go for this 14+" tablet, even if it has full 4K display?
Even if it has RDNA 2, android could never beat ipad when it comes to performance, even when equipped with double the specs of corresponding iOS/ipadOS devices. Now that even the specs are lower, what's so attractive about it? (Specs in paper matters when you sell something, even if the OS can't utilize it. Even if a new update that makes it fully utilize the hardware doesn't come around, it's still attractive to at least a section of customers).

  • Anonymous

After using Samsung Tab S6 base model (6 GB of ram, 128 GB storage), Huawei Matepad Pro base model (6 GB of ram, 128 GB storage), Samsung Note 9 (8 GB ram, 512 GB storage) and 13" notebook.

8 GB of ram for tablet is minimum these days, but for my need is 12 GB minimum.
And 12.5"-14" is the minimum screen for mobility, more than that just comfortable as long as you stay on your desk.

10-11" is too cramped if you start to work, it's just good for watching movies, reading, or chit chat.
6 GB of ram always bring me to force closed for browser or other app when I'm using desktop mode (EMUI desktop mode, or Samsung Dex).

  • Anonymous VII

I know this seems all the merrier for Samsung's revolution and revival for third party companies to make tablets again,but let's trace it back a bit. In early 2020, the s20 series made a huge surge for Samsung's performance and advancement while in the end being a double edge sword with OS update issues and camera fidgeting(Pretty much what recent Pixel phones are dealing with). It was all because of their discovery of Space Zoom, new snapdragons, faster charging, but in the end being a new loose wire of tech that wasn't even properly "tamed" yet for proper use until the s20 FE was made and perfected. Now the Tab S series has made minor but vital promise since the Tab s4,but that doesn't change the fact that it's still widely experimental since there was an s5e and an unofficial s6 5g. Even if the tab s7 series is holding out well to be moderately competitive, taking it to the next level with a "Tab s8 Ultra" would be like being at a pit stop for a couple of seconds before moving on.This was the same effect occuring for when people preferred an s10 series over the s20 series since it was the example of a stable next gen smartphone at best (Due to its 5g version having later revisions), but I don't think that'll stop Samsung from daring to go beyond in the tablet market and they've shown quite some promise between their Tab A,S, and book s series. My guess is that in the future, they will integrate their Tab S series tech(That being the proclaimed Ultra models) with their Book S tech in hopes of being more than a PC companion and/or "Third Party" computer, but a Second Hand PC hybrid sort of or being favored as a portable in this case in case you're not in reach or available to get to your laptop or desktop whatsoever.Let alone, they could integrate their DeX being a somewhat default for this upcoming Tab S model, but then again I could be wrong. I'm not saying any of this is completely accurate and possible, but it could be hitting near that target for their Tab Ss and As.

  • Spike

They better be beasts or they will be Bested out by iPads!

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2021You don't get it. The Exynos 2200 will blow the SD out... moreLike I was saying, there were so many articles saying that Exynos 2100 would beat SD888 to dust, but it didn't, the announcement seems interesting of Exynos 2200 but will have to see if it will actually be used in phones/tablets because it looks very power hungry, will have to wait and see the new SD vs this Exynos 2200, I have my doubts but who knows, I might be wrong, even better, more competition benefit mostly the consumer

  • Anonymous

axelwoax, 02 Jun 2021Exynos was rumored to beat SD for the past 10 years but sti... moreYou don't get it. The Exynos 2200 will blow the SD out of the water. Look up what it is.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2021Are they 3:2 screens or 16:10? I'm really not interest... more16:10.

  • Anonymous

Are they 3:2 screens or 16:10? I'm really not interested in anything that's not 3:2.

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2021Exynos new 2200 rumored to challenge the m1 and be used fro... moreExynos was rumored to beat SD for the past 10 years but still fails every year so don't listen to rumours, wait for benchmarks and then judge

  • Anonymous

axelwoax, 31 May 2021SD will never surpass Apple main chip (in the same year), S... moreExynos new 2200 rumored to challenge the m1 and be used from.phones to laptops to tablets

"How long will an OLED screen last?"

that is a great question, unfortunately there are no facts out yet. Keep in mind the current generation OLED panels have been improved to lessen burn in, however, no one knows for sure just how long they will last. Only the OLED manufactures know for sure. That said, in 3-5 years we may know by then.

  • Anonymous

ill take lcd because no pwm flickring

Only 8gb Ram on 11inch instead off 16gb ram.

  • Anonymous

How long will an OLED screen last?