Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 family leaks with specs and prices

28 May 2021
This time around there will be three high-end tablets.

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  • Anonymous

those are insane prices
1300 for a tablet lol

  • Anonymous

JohnPieux, 29 May 2021WiFi, LTE, or 5G? Laughable. Samsung in my opinion is not m... moresamsung can still compete with the ipad unless apple finally decide to revamp ipados this year because it is an absolute joke, can't even have widgets in different home screens, you cant have multiple instances of an app (except apples own, but this is the case with android OEMs implementation like Samsung's as well) open, and the only "multitasking" you get is split screen and not full scalable discrete windows, which not al apps even suport, and many apps lack full funtionality compard to desktop (ironically apples own safari too)

once they do revamp it however android flagship tablets will finally be hsitory

jailbreak, poeple

  • Anonymous

Kurdistan , 29 May 2021For a tablet, unless it's a windos It is almost uselessthis thing technically has "windows" with DeX lol

So basically, there will be an Ultra version of the Galaxy Tab family. Being Samsung, they would give the best hardware for the Ultra and make a big hype for it so that everyone would buy the Ultra variant instead of the vanilla or the Plus variant.

  • Anonymous

Battery life will be shift if they don't put adaptive amoled in these slates. Even with huge batteries.
Too bad Samsung is shift again and put LCD in the 11"just to justify the larger slates.
Plus the crazy pricing. Gg Samsung, you're worse than Apple now.

  • Warrenbft

Nothing beats apple's M1 unless they've done some gimmick to get the same computing power to that of ipads then they are good to go.

Dear Samsung, rename tab s number series to match with current flagships S & Note. ie galaxy tab s20 (instead of tab s8)

  • Anonymous

So, 29 May 2021Stop can you be so see the future? ... moreYou know better than to argue with them. Even if snapdragon or exynos overtake M1 by a mile, they'll still say Apple is the best lol. Heck, they can be holding a brick with Apple logo and will still say the same.

unless that "next gen soc" will be vegetarian (highly unlikely) with only 1k mah more it will s@@@ in sot with that battery.

120hz drawing chews roughly the same as browsing the web if not more

that being said i welcome the screen estate bump. s7+ with a kindle anda not taking app in multi window is small imho

  • Shiny Dave

Anonymous, 29 May 2021That price and only probably only 2 years support. I hate t... moreApple's SoC advantage - and historically their software update one, but Samsung have closed that gap a lot - really does matter a lot in the tablet space where you're more likely to keep devices for longer periods (and, especially at this end of the market, have more demanding multitasking uses if you don't).

I could see myself really wanting a Tab S8 Ultra - that screen would be a total joy to poke, or to use for video watching in bed - but being completely unable to justify it when similarly-priced laptops and iPads annihilate it for processing power.

The processor would most likely be Snapdragon 888 plus or Exynos with AMD gpu

  • Anonymous

Slim bezels on tablets are a huge problem practically

  • So

axelwoax, 29 May 2021Nothing will be on par with M1 for many many yearsStop can you be so see the future?
Jesus ,kids these days

  • Soo

axelwoax, 29 May 2021What are you smoking mate? are smoking something..or do you know something that we dont?
please share your proof or otherwise stop smoking hallucinants

WiFi, LTE, or 5G? Laughable. Samsung in my opinion is not missing an opportunity to put their shady practices on display instead of just offering a WiFi and a 5G model with LTE included they're offering 3 different models in my opinion to sell the 5G one for even more. Samsung, the iPad leaves your offering in the dust so get off the high horse.

So, 29 May 2021Soo I think this will be on par or better than M1What are you smoking mate?

Rutger Clausell, 29 May 2021 I hope this thing's SoC is on par with M1Nothing will be on par with M1 for many many years

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 May 202111 inch is small... on tablet you can draw, games, watch mo... moreYou probably use a touchscreen TV as your phone huh?

  • Anonymous

That price and only probably only 2 years support. I hate to say it but maybe an iPad is a better choice..

  • too expensive

The problem as always lays with the softwares.