Alleged HarmonyOS update list reveals first batch of Huawei devices migrating to the platform

29 May 2021
The latest Huawei Mate40 family is on there and so is the nova 8 one.

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Please Ensure That All P-Series, Mate-Series, and Nova Series have higher chances to get Harmony Os Stay Tune for Further Updates on My Huawei App. There will be a Little Chance For Y-Series too. But Huawei Y9a & Y9s Should also be involved in updated list. So Stay Tune

    • 7UIS
    • 3E0
    • 20 Jun 2021

    Livius, 08 Jun 2021I can wait not a problem for me. Besides my Mate Pad Pro I ... moreLol is what I think about you having such great Huawei devices, each one for its own kind of usage, but I don't understand what your point having S21 Ultra. . . If you just want to clean your a$$ with money go anywhere else showing off!

      • K
      • King perry
      • CGH
      • 16 Jun 2021

      Please i wanna find out if Huawei nova 5t will get harmany 2.0 update

        • K
        • Kokyaw
        • x7u
        • 09 Jun 2021

        How can I register for harmony OS on nova7 5g

          7UIS, 07 Jun 2021Even P20 is on the list, but must wait for the next year. I can wait not a problem for me. Besides my Mate Pad Pro I also have a P40 Pro and Samsung S21 Ultra so I am really in no hurry LoL. I was just curious to see it for myself and not on Youtube.

            • 7UIS
            • 3E0
            • 07 Jun 2021

            Livius, 01 Jun 2021I see. Then how is it that Mate Pad Pro is on the list alth... moreEven P20 is on the list, but must wait for the next year.

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              • foo
              • 0jq
              • 04 Jun 2021

              Seems to be just a plagiate of android 10 ; )

                WhyNegative, 30 May 2021Lol, like many other things in life. When u change from so... moreSo, you think you're mature? If you were, you would have carefully read I was also mainly talking about the upgrades of existing devices. So, what happens to those people and their apps and app data, I'm asking (which is what a matter person would). A mature business takes account of things like that, and mature minds think like that. Also, what are existing customers going do with their apps and data moving to a new device, even if they don't upgrade? You talk about people moving from one eco system to another and do what, but it's not like that is it! It's like Apple announcing they have made an new OS to replace iOS, and you can, t take your apps or data with you, and your update is going replace ios, tough! That would be very mature, but a mature business looks at what to do to avoid that. So, what is the go, what are they doing.

                If you are going bring a wet fish to a gun fight, bring a big one.

                  Nick Tegrataker, 30 May 2021Some people had been misinterpreting their statement that t... moreI didn't see the transitional purposes thing. I'm actually not saying that. The large android in top is a concern, and the custom underneath. They could do better. But, they probably want it to be similar so development systems can easily spit out identical apps for Android and it.

                    Dotcom23, 30 May 2021Where did you leave your common sense?Well not with you, otherwise you would have sensibly laid out your objectives, I mean Objections.. Common sense is far over rated. People in on are delusional and fail to see big or small picture. Common sense is really lower sense, you should have on common with others, but it doesn't it's right.

                    So, when they do this with harmony, it's going produce pain
                    How Huawei, who can't even select a brand name that's easier to spell, going do to mitigate this pain?

                    If they are going be an alternative to Android os, how are they going avoid the past problems of android and google services in the new OS. Especially as it's based on Android. What will they do to avoid tracking and analysing people's data. Keeping it private, keeping the government out, who under law can request them to do anything, to you or your data, and they must comply. For little fish, going around thinking they are big, eating plankton, in between the bigger fish herding their lack of enough sense to do something about it, what are they going do. The way around this, the 'sense', is structures overseas completely out of government control with them as share holders and service providers. If you had the sense, you might have read between the lines, that this is entirely unlikely and therefore can we trust them anymore than google, and should we buy such devices at all. The fact is, that American programs have made the situation that an enemy state to them, can have innocent spyware devices in the pocket of most of its citizens, and in the vicinity of most security and infrastructure, and near most of the devices of people without the foreign devices, meaning many security and infrastructure people left. So, enemy devices within hacking distance of many devices, infrastructure and security. That such devices can have hidden features to hack towers or communications acting as a tower (a common security agency airport hacking scheme which entirely takes over the phone). The real solution, is to have different incompatible devices between competing countries and security etc infrastructure, locally made, almost completely. In reality it would be between coalition of countries. But it does 100% mean, American chip industry, and mobile industry if America does it one. They are slowly loosing everything can big push would undercut everything, allowing the sourcing of Patra and manufacture to come from China. On reality, even if America just did security models for every American government employee, and for every business, that would allow them to keep their capability afloat. Yeah, it's not simple, but most of these guys aren't geniuses, but smart enough to get what I was getting at.

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                      • Sabahat Khan
                      • 6X$
                      • 03 Jun 2021

                      Google services will work in Harmonyos or not ?
                      Like YouTube google chrome Specially.

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                        • Mazharswapon
                        • XUy
                        • 02 Jun 2021

                        User of mate 30 pro 5g,,,Am I getting harmony os?

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                          • Steve
                          • ehd
                          • 02 Jun 2021

                          Anonymous, 30 May 2021Just Letting you guys know this Harmony os thing Is Nothin... moreYes it is special, it is not controlled by Google.

                            • M
                            • Mahdi
                            • aug
                            • 02 Jun 2021

                            Will Nova 5T receive this update ??

                              • A
                              • Angelo
                              • St0
                              • 02 Jun 2021

                              I have Huawei p40 and am from Germany, I did not receive the Harmony OS update.

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                                • Ji hung
                                • 6Q7
                                • 02 Jun 2021

                                Anonymous, 02 Jun 2021There's not any y series on new os updating list 😢🤬I agree the Should Also Upgrade the Y Series to Harmony OS

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • SYx
                                  • 02 Jun 2021

                                  There's not any y series on new os updating list 😢🤬

                                    7UIS, 01 Jun 2021For example, the P30-series have the same Kirin 980 which w... moreI see. Then how is it that Mate Pad Pro is on the list although it has the same CPU ? Anyway, I am not in a hurry since my P40 Pro is collecting dust. I am just very curious to see how Harmony is and how it runs.

                                      • 7UIS
                                      • nTt
                                      • 01 Jun 2021

                                      7UIS, 01 Jun 2021Because P40-series have a 2020 SoC, from the Mate 30-series... moreFor example, the P30-series have the same Kirin 980 which was originally launched with the Mate 20-series; the P40-series have the same Kirin 990 5G which was originally launched with the Mate 30-series (5G variant), and so on (just like the brand new P50-series will have the same Kirin 9000 from the Mate 40-series).

                                        • 7UIS
                                        • nTt
                                        • 01 Jun 2021

                                        Livius, 01 Jun 2021Strange how P40 Pro is not on the list. Because P40-series have a 2020 SoC, from the Mate 30-series. They'll have to wait a little bit just like Mate 30-series.