Alleged HarmonyOS update list reveals first batch of Huawei devices migrating to the platform

29 May 2021
The latest Huawei Mate40 family is on there and so is the nova 8 one.

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  • Anonymous

A good riddance from Google

  • Anonymous

There is no way on Earth that HarmonyOS isn't an "AOSP" based OS, Simply nobody is interested in developing and creating apps from the scratch for a whole new platform while the existence of Play store and Apple store.

  • Anonymous

Isnogood82, 30 May 2021Will honor magic watch 2 be receiving harmony os update, or... morewe dont know till now

Anonymous, 31 May 2021People are easily fooled. I remember the OxygenOS debacle s... moreWho knows what is under the hood. We need to wait yet.

Phone software is not that complicated when you have enough resources. And Chinese do have enough money and talents to do it. So it can be good. Look, Russians bought Jolla so they inherited very mature Sailfish OS, china has Harmony... only the rest of the world got stuck with Android controlled by Google.

Russian-controlled Sailfish (or Aurora), Chinese-controlled Harmony or Google-controlled Android?

Nah. I want fully working Linux based phone. I don't like that Axis of Evil.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 May 2021Just Letting you guys know this Harmony os thing Is Nothin... morePeople are easily fooled. I remember the OxygenOS debacle some years back. OnePlus fanboys would have you believe that it is a new OS. In fact it was reskinned android.

HarmonyOS is AOSP (android sans Google services) , yet look at all the fanboys that are going to tricked by such a simple scam.

It's impossible to build a new OS that deep in an OS cycle. Late 00s was the time to do that and even then it was tough (both MS and Nokia failed in that). 1.5 decade after the fact you need to convince all the 3rd parties to follow you or else your OS will die.

That's why we only have two OSes w widespread use on desktop computing as well (the time to build it was early/mid 80s, those who missed that train , missed it all).

HarmonyOS would be android. It *has to* be (that).

  • Maven

Wonder if they even going to update their lowered device like P smart 2021, and Y series to homony os or just stuck at android 10 emui 10.1...

Anonymous, 30 May 2021this is the most hilarious and delusional comment section I... moreIf you go back to even the HarmonyOS 1.0 HDC, they made it crystal clear that HarmonyOS was a multi kernel system with a kernel abstraction layer.

It was designed with IoT in mind.

With the jump to higher memory requirements (vers. 2.0) phones will be supported.

People are confusing HarmonyOS (an all round system) with HarmonyOS for phones and tablets.

AOSP was mentioned by Huawei itself - last year! But that fell on deaf ears.

Some devices will fall back onto an AOSP base for compatibility reasons. That makes sense.

This is at a low level. At a higher level, there are over 15,000 api's to work with.

Whichever you look at it, it's more than Android.

I would suggest people wait for 2nd June and see what is presented. If anyone can't wait, it's well worth sitting through the three hour HDC keynote from September last year (with English language simultaneous translation) to get a good idea of where they are going. Much of what was presented isn't even possible on 'Android' today.

When was the last time you saw an app running on two devices at the same time (watch the educational demo from HDC)?

They also presented a scenario where a home router could come under attack but the router would be able to pull pooled resources of of other HarmonyOS devices to defend itself in real time. In that case they implied the NPU from a nearby TV could be used.

So, while AOSP may well be part of HarmonyOS at some level, calling it 'Android' , doesn't make much sense at this point in time.

Anonymous, 30 May 2021this is the most hilarious and delusional comment section I... moreA glance of UI through the emulator of the beta OS doesn't even carry a tiny bit of value as an "evidence" to prove what might and might not be happening right now. How about trying to understand what they are really trying to achieve and see what has been released in their repos so far? Android framework is entirely *optional* for OpenHarmony 2.0 and developers can choose not to have one - something that would never be possible if it was indeed based on Android.

I like this game between us and their rivals China.!

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I usually like Huawei with their budget phones.

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Just Letting you guys know this Harmony os thing Is Nothing special

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Anonymous, 30 May 2021this is the most hilarious and delusional comment section I... moreYou know the simple idea is not to use it if you don't like it. Nobody can force you. It's very easy to say they are copy from others. What's your bases or evidences? Huawei is a powerful tech company. They invested a lot on R&D. Go check how many millions of IP it has registered. They contributed to the open android system. Now it's time to break free of the suppression from the "Freedom" country.

  • Anonymous

this is the most hilarious and delusional comment section I've ever seen on this site, and that's saying a lot

1. huawei fanboys insisting till their final breath that harmonyos isn't a full fledged copy of Android despite so much evidence saying otherwise

2. "tHiS iS a GooD anD ReAsonAble fiRst SteP foR huawei, hOw anD whY dO yOu eXpEcT tHeM tO dO sTH cOmpleTely nEw in the BeGinniNg" gee idk maybe it's because huawei has boldly claimed themselves on multiple occasions that this will be a "completely new" os

3. loads of tankies or something, "bye google, fb and NSA, bye USA , now instead we backdoor and I sell my soul to CPC, much safer and better no.1 super best country and party"

also look at that "m pencil" (wow so original design, too) and "matepad"
man they sure are shameless when it comes to copying, nothing has changed

  • Anonymous

Roger , 29 May 2021Harmony OS will be a full straight on copy of Android. Ever... moreThen don't use it, I don't think anyone can force you to use it. Very simple. But like it or not, it's coming out.

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Nick Tegrataker, 30 May 2021No, this could be actually a very solid choice for Chinese ... moreThat's a great news, finally there's a third choice out there. No more android and iOS Monopoly.

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Nick Tegrataker, 30 May 2021They have recently released two versions of OpenHarmony 2.0... moreIf you are right about the two versions, the one with android on it is for people that still want to use Android apps which is not a bad thing. Android is an open system, every company out can contribute to the system. I believe Huawei contributed a lot to android too with millions of millions of their own IP. Many people have been using Android that's already with Huawei technology on it. You just didn't realize it. Now they are building their own OS. I guess a lot of the stuffs on the os are pretty familiar that's already using on Android.

  • FernandO

osang, 30 May 2021In your dreams. CCP is much worse, no wonder Huawei was ban... moreNot sure that you have noticed but, all cellphones, including Apple's, are made in China.

Fanboy of All brands, 29 May 2021Huawei phones are very bad on software. Be it thee experien... moreBad on software? Pfftt not base on my experience. Using Honor/Huawei device since 2017. Guess what? Honor 8 Pro got security patch up until today. Mate 20? Since 2018, security patch up until today, and will get HarmonyOS later on. Thats a 3 years of update.

Bad huh? Pffftt 🥴

So for you the general users like myself,how much does it count if your date is in US gov servers or in CCP server?For me as general user matters close to 0,the CCP wont start colleting your date and steal from your credit card or impersoate you...IMO this world domination plans matter close to 0,as long as the end product is good and decent as far as prices goes...The date will end up in some1's pocket eitherway...So

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Anonymous, 30 May 2021Feel free to keep dreaming but US' companies run on us... moreWhy is it better?