LG stops manufacturing phones today, plant is transitioning to making home appliances

31 May 2021
Today is the last day of production, employees will be reassigned to making appliances, an area where LG has found success.

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  • Cortijoapril

I got an lg Stylo 3 a few years back and fell in love I mostly recently had a 5 and had it more then a year till I was in a car wreck this past September I flipped my car into water and my phone was under water for close to an hour when I finally was able to retrieve my phone I made the mistake of trying to charge my phone and managed to fry they circuitry so i was just going to go ahead and get a 6 back to my dismay I was informed that lg would no longer be making phones I am devastated the lg phones were the most durable phone and I loved the operating system n the camera was amazing for a phone that didn't cost an arm and a leg hopefully they will change their mind and start making phones again in the near future

  • Kaakyire

Please i need one of Lg g8thin, will i get some

  • paganini

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2021LG G3 was the best cell phone that was ever made them, mine... moreall members of my family bought lg g3. it was good but ALL of them stopped working after 2 -3 years

  • Anonymous

LG G3 was the best cell phone that was ever made them, mine is still going strong 6 years later, it's a breeze to change the battery in 20 seconds by popping off the back. It has never messed up, not once!

  • Anonymous

You LG pple have you tried African markets...make a cheap good budget phone ranging from $50~$150usd. Look for agents and within a space of a year you will smile at the profits. You phones are outstanding n good, a good marketing strategy was needed. Do not be focused in Asia n America, try Africa

  • Anonymous

FreezeGame, 03 Jun 2021Well deserved and long overdue. Next time operate as a inno... moreYou don't know what you say

Well deserved and long overdue. Next time operate as a innovator and world leader as opposed to a lackluster copycat. The nail in the coffin had to be the horrendous Wing 5G. Such a mess.

Anyway...Cya! Don't let the doorknob hit ya', Lucky-Goldstar!

Life's Good = Long Gone

Wished they made the velvet 2 pro available for the public instead of limiting it to employees only...

  • Anonymous

So present devices will not after some years

  • Anonymous

Nadio, 01 Jun 2021LG is doing great. LG phones are the real smart and compute... moreBecause companies and ideals have become insane.
The bottom line has become so important to companies that they don't care about a single other thing.
And their ceos or whoever made the choices felt they weren't making enough. Especially compared to samsung and apple.

So this is their ridiculous outcome

  • Anonymous

Thanks for the innovated stuff, LG.

Let me type a little about my LG G8x so we know why LG should be missed..

We have a phone here which got the world's best audio quality in a phone. Sounds heavenly if you're using the right hardware, that's all I can say. Even $600 headphones are pushed to their limits. Don't even bring your Apple/ Samsungs for competition... this good.
We get 2 cameras, normal and ultrawide, but they're so well sorted and with such a fantastic app, you'd love them. Missing 4K60? or missing a 240 fps mode? Well, not on G8x no sir, its got it all covered...
There's quality, that's all I would say, even in the 32 to 8 megapixel selfie camera...

At $300, I'm looking at midrange pricing for a flagship grade phone.
And with Snapdragon 855, I'm looking at better performance than your overhyped, still expensive S10 or even S20 exynos... (Sorry, I know it sorta hurts badly)
UI isn't the best sorted, but its practically got nothing missing in terms of feature set.

And we look at a complete phone which got IP68 rating despite memory card slot, 3.5mm jack, and one of the best loudspeakers on the market.
Dual Screen attachment, is that level of multitasking which, don't even bring your Appy-Sammys, they'll walk away embarrassed.

So many bests for $300... Let that sink in. So, are you now clear why you must miss LG, and why many already are? See the comments before mine.
LG just couldn't sort their marketing which means getting a LG, and then getting an update on it, was a huge challenge. But we should miss LG. All of us.

  • Vijaykumar . T

I used LG phone, TV and washing machine. Phone and TV are not of good quality. And their prices are also very high. Even they are more than Samsung.

  • John

Mick, 01 Jun 2021Wow LG just admitted defeat and left.Most people, including YouTube influencers, want smartphone brands to be like Xiaomi. Just go and check what occupied the Top 3 of the best smartphone according to Mrwhosetheboss as of May 2021. It's all Xiaomi.

  • Anonymous

Nadio, 01 Jun 2021LG is doing great. LG phones are the real smart and compute... moreBecause people insist on buying inferior hyped up products instead of supporting real innovative and good quality products.

  • Carter

The only reason why I still have my LG V40. Is because it has the Wi-Fi sharing feature. Which is above par

  • Mick

Wow LG just admitted defeat and left.

  • Anonymous

The poor quality of that product made it incompetent in a market where many have woken up to find what best suits their needs, and if it does not reconsider also improving the quality of household appliances, more precisely on TV, it will also lose confidence, in South America of poor quality and we are tired of paying for an expensive product that does not last more than a year or less, the quality went to the floor and more when they are manufactured in China.

  • Nadio

LG is doing great. LG phones are the real smart and computer-like phones. Why are they being deceived into quiting the market?

  • Satish kanna

I waited and purchased my LG 8thinq. What an amazing phone!!!. Its camera and its video capabilities alongwith the audio improvements was on top of the world when i purchased it. Was planning to upgrade but this "curtains down" came as a shocker. LG will be remembered for its technical innovations and finesse. "CHANGE" is the only permanent things that keeps happening for survival and excellence. LG has understood this and thats what it takes it to be a leader. I wish LG - great days ahead in their new endeavour. But LG mobiles will be missed. God bless LG.