LG stops manufacturing phones today, plant is transitioning to making home appliances

31 May 2021
Today is the last day of production, employees will be reassigned to making appliances, an area where LG has found success.

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  • Roy

Hope for the future LG Smartphones equip with best sounding DAC onboard

Charm, 31 May 2021What. Why that is crazy. I love my Lg phones they are stron... moreHave you tried Nokia (HMD) ? They have some models that are comparable and run Android One - a nice clean, experience.


  • Anonymous

Now the v60 is going to skyrocket in price before u can get it

  • Anonymous

This is ridiculous. Just because you don't make as much as samsung and apple doesn't mean you are doing bad.
All they needed was some decision and management shifts. But noooo. Let's shut down the hole mobile division.

Respect, LG. You had some innovative, yet oddball designs sometimes. Loved the quad DAC on the G7 One I had. Cam was decent, but not for night shots (water-coloury); why they couldn't have just kit out the actual G7 with the ROM as a "limited run", I don't understand.

I definitely hope that LG can make a comeback to the smartphone world in the mere future with better marketing and more region availability. It feels so wrong for LG to disappear from the smartphone world considering the countless number of innovations they had made or started. The day when I got myself the V50 with its DualScreen case after I sold off my Samsung Galaxy Fold, suddenly every smartphone out there looks boring. The DualScreen case really does stand out from the crowd since even my friends are amazed by it.

  • Akash

LG is Bestest mobile company that I ever used the innovative phones are awesome recently I bought a LG wing ...nd I just loved it

Goodbye LG...

No respect lost is all I can say.
Don't tell me this or that of LG was wrong, unless you mean marketing efforts.
Companies like Samsung have evaded Note 7 like disasters, what has LG done that couldn't be managed with good marketing, in a capitalism world?

I still will keep my G8x as long as I can, it sure is music to the ears with that Quad DAC & 3.5mm. Not to mention a superb camera set with no weak edges.

SathishKannan, 31 May 2021lol.. you are way biased. LG's latest UX UI are better... moreBiased towards what? I have switched to Samsung. And no.. LG UX is not same as One UI.. I have had no problems with bloatware or what the UI looks like in general. I have had problems with how it functions.. The software itself is glitchy.. un optimised and have many issues of signal drops and shutdowns.

  • Anonymous

GeeX, 31 May 2021rip lg mobiles. Lg w41 pro

  • Mzmzain

Bye bye LG, will miss u so much

  • Anonymous

Good ! I am extremely happy to see LG stop making phones that would rival Apple or even worse its fellow Korean Samsung. Who needs all those extraneous things like SD card slots or audio jacks or a dual screen case. Options are bad for business. It's extremely important to limit users as much as possible to overpriced devices with limited abilities. I bought the V60 (and still use the previous V30 and G4) and let me tell you, I will never buy another LG phone, that's how bad they were (as far as profitability is concerned). No siree, I will only buy the top of the line of the Apple, with no sd nor audiojack nor second dual screen nor stylus support... From now on I will pledge my money only to the welfare of the All-American Apple that uses slave chinese laborers. It was just about time for LG to put their arms down and surrender to the better companies it competed against.

Ps: I am sarcastic (to those who can't get that) and bitter and angry.

Shame on you LG...please come back and returned with the optimus series

  • bob r

G2 mini - G5 - V30+

Rest in Peace LG

  • Dave

I miss you guys and your beautiful innovations

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 May 2021The mobile phone world has lost a great innovator :( Yesss

  • B

What about the 2nd year promise

regs, 31 May 2021Shutting down instead of fixing mistakes...That tells you how much the really care about their customers!!!

  • Anonymous

I have G6+. Screen is off. Can I get replacement