LG stops manufacturing phones today, plant is transitioning to making home appliances

31 May 2021
Today is the last day of production, employees will be reassigned to making appliances, an area where LG has found success.

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  • Anonymous

The mobile phone world has lost a great innovator :(

Hello Life, 31 May 2021Thank goodness.. I mistakenly purchased their LG G8X becaus... morelol.. you are way biased. LG's latest UX UI are better than any android ui except One UI (Both are very much close together in looks and functionalities but One UI has more features). LG's problem is not getting timely updates not with UI which has almost no bloatware (expect uninstallable facebook and insta) as like Chinese UI's.

SpiritWolf, 31 May 2021How can a working phone be 'useless gimmick'? Do ... moreWake up. HTC is dead!

That's a sad day :(
Like Saab automotive back in 2011 :(

  • Anonymous

Sorry to say but nothing will change

rip lg mobiles.

Sad day for LG fans and LG cellphone department.
Innovation wise it is better than Xiaomi.

  • Anonymous

SpiritWolf, 31 May 2021How can a working phone be 'useless gimmick'? Do ... moreTo them :

Gimmick = something not used by Apple, Samsung or chinese brand, but suddenly becomes must have when they decide to use.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

MATE 30 PRO, 31 May 2021Next -> Nokia (HMD), HTC ... ¿Huawei?Huawei, tough honor seems to be off the hook. :)

Thank goodness.. I mistakenly purchased their LG G8X because of the insane discount. Sold it within few months. Don’t get me wrong.. they make great hardware.. great build.. camera.. style and innovative design. But their software is the worst I have ever seen in my whole life. Even cheap Chinese phones under 100 usd have better software. Random restarts.. slow downs.. jittery 4g.. optimisation issues.. heating up and consequent battery drain. It was so frustrating that I cant put them in words.

Olym1mk2, 31 May 2021About time that poop company stopped. But then again, HTC s... moreHow can a working phone be 'useless gimmick'? Do you even know what 'gimmick' means or are you using words randomly?

Next -> Nokia (HMD), HTC ... ¿Huawei?

Shutting down instead of fixing mistakes...

  • Charm

What. Why that is crazy. I love my Lg phones they are strong and to be quiet honest it's the only phone i have use all else have stop working so i stick with lg phones now for years. I don't use Samsung and i don't like iphone. This cannot be the last time lg make phones this needs to be reconsidered. Am not happy to hear this at all

My phone will get android 12

I'll miss LG

JohnNy L, 31 May 2021Good decison LG!! By the way LG makes great TV!!Sadly not with android though. I prefer android tv, simply because it can use good vpn apps.

The last paragraph there is sad new for employees, especially long term ones. If I was one of them, it would have been a nice gesture as a 'Thank You' from the company.

In a few years they will come back! :D

  • Anonymous

Soon we will only have Apple Samsung and Xiaomi.