Huawei officially teases P50 series at HarmonyOS event

02 June 2021
The video does a slow take across the Huawei P50's mouth-watering imaging system.

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marbles, 02 Jun 2021I don't believe the 1" but it looks awesome!There is already a phone with that big of a sensor and xiaomi has one almost as big, and huawei always been the leader in that front, so y?

18mm at f1.8 and 125mm at f3.5

Awaiting for Mate 50 Pro ...

I don't believe the 1" but it looks awesome!

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Anonymous, 02 Jun 2021Guy from Finland said on twitter months ago. Didn't he also say recently that the initial rumour of P50 series having a 1 inch sensor might not be accurate?

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2021anything from 2020 also beats that garbageIn your dream, for sure.

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2021See this photo. moreLess than half? More like 5 times smaller area.

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Dual electric stove-looking cams.

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TheLastOracle, 02 Jun 2021"The Huawei P50 series will feature a 1-inch camera se... moreGuy from Finland said on twitter months ago.

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regs, 02 Jun 2021Lens can look like sand hourglassesSee this photo.

Above it is camera size of R5, same size of Pixel 5.
Below R6 camera.
Look how huge. Pixel area seems to be less than half of overall sensor size.

It should still have been 2 huge sensors, instead of this poop.!

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Poco X3 is king. Poc Poca Poc

"The Huawei P50 series will feature a 1-inch camera sensor, namely the Sony IMX800."

Where dis you get this information from? Was it in the video or some official Huawei literature?

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Anonymous, 02 Jun 2021I bet this would beat the Mi ultra for sure. anything from 2020 also beats that garbage

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Mobilemaster, 02 Jun 2021It looks good, and I am sure it will be a beast! I hope Bid... moreDo not waste time. That's not gonna happen.
Before Trump was elected, there was already the conversation about Huawei helping governement.
Biden is not gonna undo this.

There is also this:

Only chance Huawei has to keep smartphone business doing well out of China is to have devices 100% chinese. No foreign components.

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2021There is no way 1" in there. Just look at photos of ... moreLens can look like sand hourglasses

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Can't wait for this to blow that cheap crap mi ultra out of the ocean, but where is that P50 Pro/+ ?
Also the other 3 lenses look fake, I mean it's a render so the real deal would look slightly different (aperture/size, etc)

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The days of Huawei are numbered

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There is no way 1" in there.
Just look at photos of Sharp 1" sensor and module.
It is huge. Also , the 1" is just pixel area, it does not count the "bezels" of the sensor.
1" alone would take the space when photo shows 3 cameras.

1" is 5x larger than 1/2.6", while imx700y currently used is 3,1x .