Huawei officially teases P50 series at HarmonyOS event

02 June 2021
The video does a slow take across the Huawei P50's mouth-watering imaging system.

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It looks good, and I am sure it will be a beast! I hope Biden administration will do something about is a very good brand, it would be sad to gone.

  • Anonymous

How I wish, a kirin or a snapdragon 888 powered huawei flagship could exist in a camera phone world dominated by sammy, apple and google!
RYYB still at the top of its game.

  • Anonymous

Looks good. Availability may be a problem due to processor shortage. Would like to pick one up if available.

  • India

Long Live Huawei

pretty as picture, love me some P50 with HarmonyOS ..

  • Anonymous

I bet this would beat the Mi ultra for sure.

good camera with some smartphone features