Nokia C20 Plus is coming on June 11

03 June 2021
It sports a dual camera setup and is rumored to pack a 5,000 mAh battery.

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Somebody do the kind thing and give Nokia the cyanide capsule to swallow please 😵 from a sad Nokia fan!

Textured back or not, Island camera housing or not, shit will remain and smell like shit itself.

HMD Global is essentially a fraudulent organization made up of the bottom rung of Nokia employees who never knew the basics of business. They would have been kicked out of Microsoft anyways. Now they have set up the garb of HMD and systemically looting people of their hard earned monies since inception.

Avoid their products like plague.

  • Anonymous

Asphalt-nation, 03 Jun 2021Yet another miserable Nokia phone with an outsourced design... moreCan cheap generic Chinese survive this

Nokia only outsourced its engineering design to Chinese companies.. Not the aesthetic/concept design..

Nokia still controls the quality of their product which is second to none..

Point to me any cheap chinese phone that looks like a Nokia..None? Yes they all look either like iPhone or Samsung.. Just proved your statement weight..

Nokia, please die.
-Sincerely, longstanding Nokia fan.

HMD Nokia will be on the same path as LG finished producing phones,if something is not done,to show they can produce,top end budget phones,as there getting worse,and nothing looks like getting better up till now

releasing this thing in china ?? lol

Yet another miserable Nokia phone with an outsourced design :

If all Nokia devices look like cheap generic Chineses phones, it's because they are.
Last year, Nokia outsourced over 80% of their designs.

  • Anonymous

Samsung and Xiaomi are enough. Avoid other brands.

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2021Another day. Another rubbish Nokia phone.Yea, I'm also very disappointed myself.
I was hoping they would make a proper comeback.
Sadly that never happened, and probably never will.
They could have had my money easily with a Nokia 808 pureview with the latest soc. Instead they released that bug infested crap called Nokia 9.

  • Foxy

Counting the number of fox i give for any Nokia announcement. Oh yes, Zero !!

  • Anonymous

Another day. Another rubbish Nokia phone.