Huawei's HarmonyOS 2 already passes 10 million users

10 June 2021
The company has celebrated with a unique cake.

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Well Chinese people are used to having phones without Google so it doesn't matter to them also it's a copy of android

  • Nick

digitaldevil, 10 Jun 2021i would suport harmony if it was original made but this cop... moreThis looks more than an Android OS then an Apple OS. But oh well china hate again. -_-

  • Anonymous

I would rather have a huawei then apple or Samsung but I would rather have HTC more then anything but they don't release phones really now

i would suport harmony if it was original made but this copy paste from IOS is trash and they deserve to lose

  • Anonymous

upgraded from EMUI 11 to Harmony os. quite happy about the new os.

  • NLB

Berserker, 10 Jun 2021person :tv, washing machine, microwave, toaster, tv, stereo... moreHOW is US better with all there apps, software and holes in network equipment and don;t mention the hate in the country for live.

At least the cake is decent

[deleted post]person :tv, washing machine, microwave, toaster, tv, stereo, pc, laptop,clothes, shoes, headphones, accessories... all made in China.
the same person :Chinese phone? NEVER! I'll never buy a Chinese garbage phone, i dont want to support a country that is locking people in camps and because of the bad working condition, SAY NO CHINA PRODUCTS!

  • Red

Inside that cake is an android robot.

  • Anonymous

NeverOpnReplies, 10 Jun 2021i hope harmonyOS succeed outside china. we cant let the mo... moreharmonyos won't even make a trinopoly.
that mrwhosethescam? yeah, he was completely wrong about it

no hope for harmonyos outside china, except only for huawei fanboys, latest huawei decice users, or just rich ppl who buy them.

monopoly will still continue, only people in china or aforementioned people will use harmonyos.

  • Anonymous

Unless u have 2-3 phones...switching to harmony OS this early isnt really a good idea unless you're from china. There's just too many limitations.

NeverOpnReplies, 10 Jun 2021i hope harmonyOS succeed outside china. we cant let the mo... moreHuawei is alone in using HarmonyOS (Android) and more importantly HMS. They don't have the clout of Apple and even less of Samsung, who could never get Tizen going on smartphones and who could never get the Galaxy App Store to be of any use barring to download the very few Tizen smartwatch apps available. Let us not mention Microsoft who failed despite owning major brands and having support from other OEMs and already having a working framework. Anything without GMS not prefixed with an "i" is doomed outside China. There's simply no reason to bother with HMS for anyone.

  • DaGudShepherd

As expected. Its is a CCP project by a CCP company.

Good thing it succeeds (but only in China), since China is big enough to affect competition even on manufacturers (like Samsung and Xiaomi) whose major sales are in Europe and other Asian countries.

i hope harmonyOS succeed outside china.
we cant let the monopoly of us continues

  • Anonymous

yess!!! im one of them!!!

  • Anonymous

China only Ota for now is a terrible choice,

  • sayabosanhidup

m going to update as soon as my phone can b
updated to harmony os without any hesifation

gonna buy all electro nics with harmony os on
them once & 4 all too 4 all things in my house

not going 2worry my apps being banned 1day
& not going 2rely too much on other os finally