Huawei's HarmonyOS 2 already passes 10 million users

10 June 2021
The company has celebrated with a unique cake.

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Updated to HarmonyOS a week ago. Mate 30 in Russia. Very nice, good battery life, very fast, no issues and am very glad to get Google even farther from my life. Best phone I have ever owned...

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XLR8R, 10 Jun 2021Basically Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi will test HarmonyOS because th... moreXiaomi, Oppo and other phone manufacturers are already making Custom UI for the newest Android Versions, and they are selling outside China. So, I don't they will ever adopt to an android AOSP. Only thing they will do is use the Harmony OS app store on top of the newest version of Android for the Chinese Market.

Hart932, 11 Jun 2021For people living outside of China, Harmony OS is just anot... moreSmart connection like Samsung SmartThings or Homekit are not Operating System. Huawei is just connecting using Bluetooth and NFC devices to a phone and then you call that an Harmony OS. Why hasn't they put the Harmony OS fork in the open and everyone sees for themselves what's under the hood. It's a marketing gimmick otherwise it's not an OS but an Android 10 running under their UI or skin

For people living outside of China, Harmony OS is just another Android... until you start buying Chinese made IOT devices & then you begin to see its not Android cause you cant get android running on those devices with small roms & sub-par cpu compared to whats on yr phone.

Open, 10 Jun 2021Harmony is offered under open sources, as such, anyone can ... moreMay you send the Github fork? or the fork where it's hosted

Dotcom23, 10 Jun 2021So they say.... Didn't they also say the OS is dead o... moreThis is Android 10 under the hood with Huawei skin. This OS doesn't have GMS. Don't argue with me on Android 10 please.

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Anonymous, 10 Jun 202110 millions in a week is a lot, the goal is over 300 Millions.That's because it just started. Those 10 million people are your typical beta users.
In time it will fade away.
The only way Huawei will succeed with this, is if the other Chinese manufacturers will jump aboard too. But being that between them they can't stand each other (BBK, Xiaomi and Huawei), I doubt that something like that will ever happen.

  • Anonymous

Not very surprising if you think about the fact that the OS belongs to the Chinese government.

A little confused. Am I correct in saying that if I buy a Huawei phone today with AndroidOS it will change to HarmonyOS sometime in the future. If so will the change be automatic and will I be able to say no. Reluctant to buy into new OSs too quick. Only 2 months ago I bought my 1st Windows 10 computer and now they're planning 11.

BTW.. on my 2nd huawei phone and still have one of their tablets now used by my 4 year old.

  • dark Vader

Please not always using China market to determine the success of any products. u throw one piece of cheese cake into billions of ants in same group, for sure they bite on it. Some of such news are miss leading.

  • Ikaj

When will p10 lite get an 7pdate

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2021This: moreBasically Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi will test HarmonyOS because they have that app compatibility deal with Huawei, so they will test to see if the common apps work fine and they also need to know which APIs to support in their own OS.

Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo will rather have their own OS on consumer devices than adopt HongMeng. Remember Android is a thing only outside China, these devices run MIUI, ColorOS, OriginOS in China and many don't even know or care what's Android....but the OS experience defines the brand, so it's not likely these brands will outright adopt HarmonyOS.

  • .alpha

Such a cute cake

  • Sabuj Rahman

Very good news. I m pleased.

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kek, 10 Jun 202110 million users in China, and considering that not all of ... more10 millions in a week is a lot, the goal is over 300 Millions.

Pcjdj, 10 Jun 2021It will never be successful outside of china. It's st... moreSo they say.... Didn't they also say the OS is dead on arrival? Wake up, Harmony OS is here and note that every time people move to harmony OS, Android looses customers

Csetyono, 10 Jun 2021The goal was 300 million. Huawei reached 10 million in ten days.And it is still on beta

kek, 10 Jun 202110 million users in China, and considering that not all of ... moreRemember the OS is still on beta, so only selected can access it. Just imagine what will happen when they make it op to everyone.

  • kek

LG V owner, 10 Jun 2021I'm optimistic, almost sure, Harmony OS will gain 300 ... more"I hate the New World Order product - GOOGLE."

You sure are a funny one. Whom do you think backs everything Huawei does lol?

  • kek

10 million users in China, and considering that not all of them are a smartphone, sounds low tbh.