Xiaomi's 200W charging degrades 20% of battery capacity in 800 cycles

11 June 2021
Depending on your usage that could be several years of charging, however.

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Super fast charging sounds dope, as long as its works well and doesn't ruin the battery so quickly in real life environment. As of now, its nothing short of experimental only. I charge my phone about twice a day, and 20% degradation at just 800 cycles sounds pretty bad.

The normal I've heard is that no degradation should happen uptill 1000 charges in Li ion, so did I read wrong?
And can't we have charger in refrigerator to extend battery life, because its the heat that's important? Will this work?

Either ways, I never felt safe about any of this fast charging stuff. Let's just say that when a 5W charging phone also heats and explodes (although 'super-rarely'), then who'll trust a 200W one?

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If it was good apple would use it not a Chinese company

That's pretty impressive considering my 4000mAh Xiaomi Mi 9T is currently at 83% battery health, 43905% charged, almost one month away from being two years old. I've spent about hundreds of hours gaming so maybe that's why it degraded so fast but battery life is still good. Apple's standard is 80% battery health in 500 cycles.

2 years of Xperia 1 use, with what I call fast charging (30min to do 20-60 is fast enough to not care about charging). The battery is small tho so the power needed is lower of course.
Now Accubattery measure my battery at 2862mAh, wich is 89% of the announced capacity (3200mAh) that it never had to begin with. And I use the phone to play games too.
Pretty sure fast charging is not that bad, but 20% loss in 2 year is good only if we continue to consume like crazy and don't give a **** about waste, no second hand possible with a battery that dead this quickly.

I hope they let user choose by some increment lvl of fast charge at least, like some Samsung did for wireless and wire charge for example, but more granular given the watt

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120watt charging already give more than 50c.

These are lab numbers. Controlled temperatures, environment, timing, etc. So, most likely a lot worse in real life.

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At last, some proper commentary on fast charging. Slow charging is obsolete. Fast charging all the way.

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samsung and apple baterries can last that on 5 to 20w chargers,chinese junk will never reach that value even on 5w

200W is already way beyond the bounds of diminishing returns IMO. The 33W in my phone is ample already for my daily needs. 55-65W is skirting it.

I think Xiaomi should stop working on these chargers as soon as the 200w is released so that they can start focusing on graphene batteries because I believe they are the ones that can make it happen.

Now I'm fully convinced that fast charging is not that bad. I was expecting much more degradation by using freaking 200W charger.
Currently I'm using Redmi 3s Prime which is 4.5 years old and battery is degraded by a lot while even using the slow charger.
Still I like to hold my phone for at least 4 years so I won't go for than 45W.